Survivor: Second Chance Episode 12

Despite his arguably too powerful advantage coming into play in Survivor: Second Chance Episode 11, Stephen still fell victim to the minority after he and his allies split the vote.

Since her primary ally is gone, Kimmi is forced to come up with a new plan, all women.

It’s time for the loved ones visit and challenge. Their task is to race and dig up bags attached to rope in the sand, spin around a post, cross a balance beam, and solve a word puzzle. Reward is a BBQ with their loved ones. Kimmi gets out to the early lead, not what I was expecting. Keith takes the lead as they hit the balance beams and is first to the puzzle, but I don’t think anyone is concerned about him being a puzzle challenge threat. Kelley is not far behind him and looks pretty solid considering all the spinning she just did. Kelley wins reward. She chooses Keith, Abi, and Kimmi to share in the reward, then she adds Joe as the fourth, leaving Tasha, Spencer, and Jeremy out.

The three who are left to themselves start talking strategy. Spencer proposes a final three with Jeremy and Tasha. The groups may not be the same, but the target is. Everybody wants to get rid of Joe. Little does Spencer know he’s playing right into their hands, but he’s right to fear Joe.

For the immunity challenge, they will balance a statue on a pole. The first man and the first woman will win. Every 5 minutes, a section of pole is added. After 20 minutes, everybody is still standing.

Kimmi is the first to drop, and Abi is right behind her. At the 25 minute transition, Tasha drops. Kelley wins immunity because all the other women have dropped. There’s no way to know how well she would have done if she had to go further, but it doesn’t really matter because the challenge is not about who the two best are, only the two best by gender.

Almost immediately after that, Spencer is the first man to fall, and Jeremy can’t survive the transition either. That leaves us with Keith and Joe again. The final section of pole is added at 30 minutes. It becomes pretty obvious who the strongest two are, as both are still standing at 1 hour and 20 minutes. I would think fatigue or at least the wind would have gotten to them by now. Unlike the others who just let their statues drop, Joe collapses. Keith wins immunity.

The immediate and vocal celebration by Kelley, Abi, and Kimmi quickly fades, as Jeff goes to check on Joe and call in medical. This turns out to be the most minor visit from medical ever, though, as he just blacked out after his blood sugar dropped.

Even in losing, Joe still shows up just about everybody, surviving 3-4 times longer than almost everybody else. Nobody else is going to be able to push themselves to the point of passing out.

Joe’s target is a rather odd one. Abi. She’s dangerous because she’s so… Abi. Jeremy says she’s easy money at the end, which Joe’s concern, that she’ll just keep getting dragged along and end up taking up someone else’s spot at the end.

Tasha blows up the all girl alliance by telling Spencer and Jeremy about the plan. She’d rather tell them than have them find out from someone else. In doing so, she has created trust and fear, but she still pushes to get rid of Joe.


With 4 votes, Joe has been voted off the island. Hard to blame them because he is such a challenge threat, but it’s questionable whether the guys just shot themselves in the feet. The left field Tasha vote came from where you might expect, Keith.

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