Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 13

For only the second time in the history of the show, the results of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 12 came down to drawing a rock, and Katie was eliminated.

Tina would not be opposed to leting Katie win. Wishful thinking considering they’re going to have to get through Laura first.

Tyson says that a basic rule of Survivor is that you never let the person on the bottom know they’re going home. Monica’s approach is different, and she lets Hayden know she still wants Ciera back. As she keeps talking, Tyson gives her more to talk about. He has the idol. She says he’s hurt that he kept this secret (again).

Now that her plan blew up in her face, Ciera has decided she wants her mom back in the game.

Their duel is to build a pole to retrieve keys and get them out of their cages. Tina starts off giving Katie advice. The blonde leading the blonde. Laura gets her first key first. Then her second. Katie is behind her with her first key. Laura wins the duel. She may as well just take a nap waiting for this to end. Tina manages to jump ahead of her daughter and ends up with all three keys as Katie continues to struggle. Before letting herself out, she asks her daughter if she’s okay with it. Laura again gives the clue to her daughter, which hasn’t helped and obviously won’t help.

Hayden has a plan. He’s going to win the challenge, and he’s going to find the idol so that he can bail out Ciera. It’s not as if he can trust her to fend for herself. After climbing around the trees like a monkey for a while, it finally dawns on him that Tyson probably already has it. So he wants to convince Monica that her alliance is talking about her behind her back.

For the challenge, they will dive in the water and take their buoy along a rope before getting to shore to form an 8 word phrase with letter tiles. Reward is food. Ciera is quickly hopeless. Even Gervase, who practically drowned the first day, is looking like a star by comparison. Tyson and Hayden are in the lead. Despite arriving at the puzzle in dead last, Ciera somehow not only pulls back into the challenge, but she ends up winning immunity and reward. She invites Hayden to join her for lunch.

It seems to me that the best move just went out the window. Ciera’s not a threat, but her mom is a beast over on Redemption Island. As a pair this late in the game, they are a threat. The next logical choice is to get rid of Hayden.

On the other side, Ciera enacts Hayden’s plan to convince Monica that Tyson is talking smack about her. Monica falls for it and doesn’t even question it, saying she’s hurt by her alliance that just risked getting beat by a rock and saved her.

This comes up at Tribal Council, and Gervase brings up a good point. If they’ve talked so much trash about her, why did nobody mention it until they were desperate? Ciera digs in using as many creative adjectives as she can, ultimately calling Tyson and Gervase evil. So then, Hayden tells Monica she’s Tyson’s lapdog. This is your defense about why it’s bad to stick with people who are talking bad about her? To talk bad about her, too?


With 3 votes, Hayden has been voted off the island. Ciera gets an A for effort as she scrambles to get to the top, but she’s running about a D for actual performance.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 14, where we will find out who the Survivor: Blood Vs. Water winner is, which airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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