Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 10

With two eliminations in Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 9, first Vytas followed his brother to Redemption Island, then Tina joined them.

Ciera has realized that her mom needs to go in order for her to have a chance. Her mom’s a good shield for her, though. Nobody really takes Ciera seriously enough to vote her out, but I suppose they would get rid of her if it’s the only way to break up a pair.

Tina will not even consider letting Katie swap spots with her.

Duels are back. Their task is to hook bags with grappling hooks and release the balls to complete a table maze. Considering the competitors, Tina would be the one I would have counted out early, but she jumps out to a quick lead ahead of Aras and Vytas. After making her way all the way to the end of the maze, Tina’s ball falls in the final hole. Aras dropped, too, but much earlier. This allows Vytas to win the duel. Tina returns quickly to finish second, and Aras is the first member of the jury.

Vytas gives the clue to the hidden immunity idol because she needs it the most. She has no intentions of throwing it in the fire.

Unlike when her mom went looking for the idol, they aren’t talking about babysitting Katie. They just consider hiding the sharp tools so she can’t dig.

I’m not sure they even really care about her anyway. Tyson certainly doesn’t. He wants to get rid of Laura instead, which would eliminate a threat and break up the last remaining pair. Ciera’s convinced that she’s a goner at six if her mom wins immunity. Rather than try to unite all the women for a new alliance to combat the men, she lets her know she’s open to getting rid of her just like the boys are. If these women are just going to roll over and let the men run with this, they deserve to go home.

At daybreak, Katie goes to look for the idol, which Tyson already has. Knowing she’s on the chopping block, too, Laura follows her and goes digging with her.

They will stand on a small platform while holding a rope, leaning over the water until they fall. Reward is burgers/hot dogs, fries, and soda. This seems more a balance/endurance challenge than a strength one, so I’d rule out the men. Hayden falls quickly, and Caleb is right behind him. They then move to the next knot, and Gervase drops, followed by Ciera. Katie is next, then Laura. Tyson lasts a long time, especially considering his injury, but he eventually falls. Monica wins immunity again. Rather than pick someone to share reward with her, she offers the food to the rest of the tribe and forgoes her own meal.

Tyson told Ciera that Laura is the target. Ciera is now telling this to Katie. They both lie to each other about having the idol, and Katie’s the one to buy the lie. This gives Ciera ammo to target Katie. Not that Tyson really believed that Katie might have the idol in the first place, but perhaps the others did.

Tyson realizes he was stupid for letting Ciera know the plan, but he still has the same target anyway. Though not everybody is onboard with his plan, one thing we’ve learned so far is that Tyson is in control of this game. He also makes a sensible point: break up the couple. Laura emphasizes his point for him at Tribal Council. They serve as two votes.


With 5 votes, Laura has been voted off the island. Even Ciera realized it was a lost cause. Hopefully we are finally done with this season’s twist influencing every aspect of the game as it has for too long, but I doubt it.

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