The Amazing Race 17 Episode 9

Unable to find their way around Oman, Gary & Mallory were eliminated in The Amazing Race 17 Episode 8.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Chad & Stephanie – 11:10AM
Second: Jill & Thomas – 11:27AM
Third: Nick & Vicki – 12:57PM
Fourth: Brook & Claire – 1:36PM
Fifth: Nat & Kat – 3:37PM

Before departing, they are warned there is a double U-turn at some point, a race first. Chad & Stephanie plan to U-turn Nat & Kat. Jill & Thomas feel they are targets.

Teams must now fly 2,000 miles to Dhaka, Bangladesh, a city of 7 million with a population density of about 50,000 people per square mile. This is the chaotic poverty stricken leg of the race that will serve as a culture shock. There’s apparently only one flight a day (so they’re told), so it looks like all teams will be on the same flight, even the team that starts 4.5 hours behind. They must have screwed up pretty badly to be that far behind, and perhaps it really was as close as the editing wanted us to believe.

Not wanting to merely go on the same flight as the others, Nat & Kat decide to go to Dubai. From there, they’ll take their chances. They will either get incredibly lucky, or this will be the nail in their coffin. Not worth the risk if you ask me, whether Dubai International Airport is one of the world’s busiest or not.

The flight everybody books first arrives at noon. Jill & Thomas manage to get a flight that arrives at 5AM. Rather than keeping it to themselves, they celebrate quite noticeably. This tips off Brook & Claire, so they go ask the same agent, but the flight is full. Nick & Vicki manage to snag a flight that arrives at 8:40AM, just as Brook & Claire are trying to negotiate for it.

As for Nat & Kat’s gamble? Their flight arrives at noon. They would have been better served trying to secure a better flight rather than just heading to Dubai and hoping, but ultimately it didn’t cost them anything.

The first destination is a sugarcane craftsman in Sundarban Square Supermarket, who will show them how to make sugarcane juice that one teammate must drink.

The detour is a choice between balanced meal or balanced bricks. In balanced meals, teams pick up midday snacks, 30 containers of which will be hoisted on a ship. In balanced bricks, they will use their heads to transport 100 unbroken bricks from a supply barge to a nearby shop.

Balanced bricks: Jill & Thomas
Balanced meals: Nick & Vicki, Chad & Stephanie, Nat & Kat, Brook & Claire

The first detour appears far more physically demanding, particularly to the female contestants.

After the detour, they find the double U-turn, which is stupidly placed. We know who the first two teams are. That’s not going to change. It’s going to be Jill & Thomas and Nick & Vicki, who are already hours ahead of everybody else, that will be doing the U-turning. Now it’s just a question of which of the trailing teams will not be U-turned. Jill & Thomas have U-turned Brook & Claire, just not wanting them around any longer since they’re a threat. Vicki’s stunned to see anyone has been U-turned at all because the first of the teams are so far ahead, so although they otherwise would U-turn Chad & Stephanie, they forgo the opportunity and just don’t choose anybody. Well, that makes things interesting. Them not using the U-turn just means one of the three trailing teams can. Nat & Kat arrive at the U-turn board next, and they are left with the choice of either not using it at all or U-turning Chad & Stephanie. They opt to U-turn Chad & Stephanie, who we last saw bringing up the rear behind Brook & Claire.

Both Brook & Claire and Chad & Stephanie will have to go back and do the brick detour. Of the four, this should suit Chad the most. But Brook’s going to finish this task or die trying. Claire gets an A for effort, but that’s not enough for her to keep up with Claire’s Energizer power. This is the most volatile I’ve seen this team, but the argument doesn’t last long, as they realize it’s counterproductive.

From Dhaka River Port, they will take a bicycle rickshaw, one of the primary means of transport in the area, to Nazira Bazaar. Speaking of cycle rickshaws, the road block is to assemble a rickshaw.

Road block (in order of arrival): Jill, Nick, Nat, Brook, Stephanie

For all the drama that was the double U-turn, all three of the trailing teams are now on the same task. Nonetheless, the race comes down to how Chad & Stephanie got lost earlier, whether they blame the doctors or not.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Lalbagh Fort, a 300 year old castle built as a palace fortress.

First: Jill & Thomas (shocker, win $7,500 each)
Second: Nick & Vicki
Third: Nat & Kat
Fourth: Brook & Claire
Eliminated: Chad & Stephanie

As the last team to arrive, Chad & Stephanie have been eliminated from the race. Good thing he got that proposal out of the way last week.

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