The Amazing Race 17 Episode 5

Stumbling their way through the detour, Connor & Jonathan were eliminated in The Amazing Race 17 Episode 4.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Nat & Kat – 6:00AM
Second: Gary & Mallory – 6:04AM
Third: Brook & Claire – 6:05AM
Fourth: Michael & Kevin – 6:30AM
Fifth: Jill & Thomas – 6:48AM
Sixth: Nick & Vicki – 7:11AM
Seventh: Chad & Stephanie – 8:12AM
Eighth: Katie & Rachel – 8:34AM

Thomas always envisioned himself with somebody who didn’t go to cosmetology school like his current girlfriend Jill. She continues to try to hope to be able to prove herself to him as part of this team.

Teams will now drive across the border into Narvik, Norway. No airport again then. Bad news for the trailing teams. They will search for a gondola station, and then ride to the top of the mountain.

Up a mountain. This is bad for anybody afraid of heights. Nat is already crying on the way up, without being aware of what’s actually in store, but she has given Kat permission to push her off the ledge of necessary. When they get to the top, there’s a fast forward. With three teams within 5 minutes of each other, this could be a rough one, but seeing as how they’re 2.5 hours ahead of the last place team, it should not be game ending to just go for it and see what it’s all about.

The fast forward is a gross eating challenge. This is a challenge that could theoretically take hours. Their task is to eat an entire sheep’s head, a traditional Norwegian Christmas ritual. Nat & Kat will be doing the fast forward. Kat’s a vegetarian, who hasn’t eaten meat in 22 years. Tastes like money. Money that makes you gag. It’s got to be hard to eat something that’s staring back at you, whether you eat its eyeballs or not. Neither of them end up having to vomit, a disappointing result for an eating challenge. Having departed over an hour later, Nick & Vicki decide it would be smart to go for the fast forward. Really? When they arrive, they’re confused whether the fast forward is gone or not. The phrase “fast forward taken” is lost on them.

Drive yourselves to some place that nobody can be bothered to try pronouncing, even the supposedly educated college guy Thomas, and search for your next clue. The road block is one that will actually scare somebody who’s afraid of heights, stepping off the bridge and rapel to the water below. When they’re at the end of their rope, they will have to signal for one of two boats for their clue, then use a mechanical ascender to pull themselves 130 feet back to the bridge.

Road block (in order of arrival): Kevin, Gary, Claire, Thomas, Vicki, Chad, Katie

Brook happily volunteers Claire for this task. It doesn’t seem to be that difficult a task, just one of overcoming your fear. That is, until they start the climb back to the top. The hardest part is going to be finding the upper body strength to make it back up. The first three guys make it up after a little bit of a struggle, but Claire offers us the first glimpse of drama over the bridge. This is bad for the other female team, Katie & Rachel, who are currently in last place and nowhere in sight regardless, although they are pro athletes who should be able to hang a little better than most people.

From there, teams must locate a remote field in Harvika. The detour is a choice between bike or boat. In bike, teams choose a pair of mountain bikes, taking note of the color of their bicycle lock, and ride a course to a sign, where they have to memorize the combination color coded to match their bicycle lock. Then they go back to the start and use the combination to open their lock and retrieve their next clue. In boat, teams make their way to a fishing boat, direct a captain to a spot on shore, and disembark. Then they must deliver two large cod and a chainsaw on foot.

Bike: Jill & Thomas, Gary & Mallory, Nick & Vicki
Boat: Michael & Kevin, Brook & Claire, Chad & Stephanie, Katie & Rachel

Jill doesn’t know if it matters which color they choose. I knew somebody was going to ask that question. Thomas bails her out by having read the clue. Nick tells us he’s competitively raced BMX bikes all his life, but then when he starts riding, Vicki has to wait around for him to catch up. Chad has no patience for Stephanie, not that he usually does.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Ankenes Marina. Seems to be tricky to find because more than one team drives right by, circling back to the bridge they came from. And Thomas was so sure he wasn’t driving in circles. Kevin just tails him, hoping Thomas knows what he’s doing. They stop and ask for directions, sorta. In this race full of obstacles, it’s the car door that gets in Brook’s way, as she cuts her face open on it, but she just goes up to chat with Phil as if nothing happened.

First: Nat & Kat (win a trip to Costa Rica)
Second: Gary & Mallory
Third: Jill & Thomas
Fourth: Michael & Kevin
Fifth: Brook & Claire
Sixth: Nick & Vicki
Seventh: Chad & Stephanie
Eliminated: Katie & Rachel

Can we get a flight next week please? This was far too pitifully obvious. As the last team to arrive (because they departed in last), Katie & Rachel have been eliminated.

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