FlashForward Cancelled

Watching FlashForward continuing to decline in ratings, the skepticism of whether it would return for season 2 or not has grown. As its ratings in adults 18-49 dipped into fifth place below The CW’s lone shining star The Vampire Diaries, it became only a matter of time before the decision was made to cut ties with FlashForward. Now ABC has made it official, and FlashForward has been cancelled.

Before FlashForward came along, the last program to beat Survivor in the demo was Friends. Despite its impressive start, FlashForward slowly but surely started to decline.

Then ABC decided to put this brand new show on a 3 month hiatus. Well, that was the end of that. For those sci-fi fans still looking to tune into ABC, at least V, which suffered a similar but less severe fate, has been renewed.

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  1. i just started to watch the show “Flashforward” after the 1st season i really wanted to see what would happen next. Im really bummed out that they diddnt make another season.

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