The Bachelor Season 14 Episode 2

Jake returned last week on The Bachelor Season 14 Episode 1, where he eliminated the first 10 out of 25 candidates.

Gia, Rozlyn, Valishia, Corrie, Christina, and Ashleigh go on the first group date. They go to a hotel in Santa Monica for a photo shoot with In Style magazine. This is just a normal day for most of them, although Christina would rather be doing math. Rozlyn’s not afraid to be filmed with or without underpants. Christina’s nervousness should help her to stand out, hopefully in a good way. Following the picture taking, they have a wrap party and get some one on one time. Last week Gia made it like she was unlucky or something with guys, but her lack of relationships is really because her first one lasted for six years. Ashleigh is the first to break out a bikini, which promptly leads to a bikini war to see who can outsexy whom best. Christina is again intimidated. Perhaps getting drunk will help her ease that. Rozlyn drags Jake away from her by shaking what her doctor gave her. Then, not wasting any time, she breaks out the tongue. That’s enough to convince him to give her the rose.

Ali gets the one-on-one date. They hop on a motorcycle, which allows her to squeeze him tight, although a dress and heels are probably not the best attire. They head to the airport and board a two seater airplane. She doesn’t even like commercial planes, let alone a little one. Hopefully she ate a light lunch. And then we hear On the Wings of Love in the background. Yeah, that’s going to get old. Following the plane ride, they take a drive to Palm Springs for an isolated dinner. All of the people she’s dated have names beginning with J. After dinner, she receives a rose. To end the night, they get a private concert by Chicago.

Elizabeth, Jessie, Kathryn, Ashley, and Vienna get the last group date. That leaves Michelle, Ella, and Tenley out in the cold. This should lead to more Michelle drama, as if that’s hard to come by. She says this means he doesn’t want her. The girls who did get the date get a Six Flags all to themselves. Elizabeth is first to drag him away for some alone time. She asks that he not kiss her until he’s ready to commit to her, an unusual request considering how fast some of these chicks have been moving. Also a dangerous proposition. Is he really gonna propose without even a first kiss? Vienna has a secret to tell. She was engaged to her pastor’s son in high school, but called off the marriage because she was only 17. It doesn’t end there. He got married a month later. In turn, she eloped at age 18 because it was so hard losing him. 4 months later, she was divorced. As she’s sitting there crying, Ashley comes up with margaritas to get her turn. One last thing before the date is over. Elizabeth gets the rose, and then she stays behind to watch fireworks with Jake.

Back at the house, Michelle’s packing. Fare thee well. The other girls, not whining, try to talk some sense into her. Good luck with that. Regardless, Michelle is still there when cocktail time arrives.

Ella, having celebrated her birthday yesterday, gets the first bit of time with Jake at the house for a birthday cupcake.

Tenley, who got the first impression rose, wants to reveal that she’s divorced. Jake gives her the opening when he talks about past relationships, but she skips by the subject for now.

Knowing that the truth will spread, Michelle tells Jake that she packed her bags. She promises to always be honest. Too honest.

Chris comes into the room to ask to speak with Rozlyn outside. He accuses her of entering into an “inappropriate relationship” (whatever that means, he used the same phrase three times) with a staff member, who is no longer with the show. As a result, she is being thrown off the show. Although she is a contestant on reality TV, she really doesn’t think that her personal life is anybody’s business. Seeing as she got herself a rose on the group date, it looks like Jake’s judgment here is pretty far off base. Chris agrees to give the rose back so that one of the others can remain in her place. As Jake and the others learn her fate, Rozlyn packs under the watchful eyes of somebody waiting to escort her out of the house.

With that drama out of the way, it’s time for the rose ceremony.

Ali (one-on-one date)
Elizabeth (group date)

Ashley and Christina have been eliminated. It seems Christina’s fears of being a normal woman amongst a group of models were not baseless.

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