Survivor: Samoa Episode 12

Rather than force a tie, John helped Foa Foa and Shambo to vote Laura out in Survivor: Samoa Episode 10.

It’s time for food, and we see a gavel, so it’s obviously the Survivor auction. There is no sharing money or food. Each person receives $500. The first item is a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. Natalie bids $200. Wow. The next item remains covered. $80 Jaison. $100 Monica. $120 John. $140 Jaison. $200 Shambo. $220 Dave. $240 Shambo. Shambo has bought herself sea noodles and slug guts. The next item is covered. Dave bids $300. Jaison bids $320. Monica bids $340. She gets a whole roasted chicken. Well worth it. The next item is a significant advantage in the next immunity challenge. John bids $100. $140 Natalie. $200 John. $260 Jaison. $300 John. Jaison bids $500 to make sure nobody else gets it, keeping it in Foa Foa’s possession. The next item is a burger, fries, and beer. Without hesitation, Mick bids $500. The next item is a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol. We really need another one? Is 4 not enough? John bids $100. $120 Natalie. $200 John. He gets the clue. The Survivor shower is the next prize. John bids $100. $120 Natalie. She gets to take a shower. Apple pie is next. Tasty but no protein. Brett bids $180. $300 John. He gets the pie. Jeff gives John an option. Keep the pie or give it up and divide up a whole pie among four people. He’ll eat the pie. Everybody else who’s holding on to their money may want to consider starting bidding before this thing is over. Too late. The auction is over.

With his hidden idol clue in hand, John goes searching.

Shambo’s grown way too attached to these chickens. The bad news is that the rest of the tribe wants to kill them. Once the chickens are dead, she refuses to listen to anybody else. She will be cooking it her way. End of story.

Shambo, who believes she has psychic dreams, had a dream they voted Dave off. He was the one who told Shambo not to boil the chicken, which made her more mad than she’s been in the month they’ve been out there. Russell knows she’s an emotional player who just needs to get mad at someone as justification for voting them out.

For the immunity challenge, they will have a rope attached to a log. Every 3 minutes, they will switch hands and move one knot lower on the rope, increasing the weight. Last person standing wins. Jaison’s advantage will be to move his hand up two knots at any point during the challenge. After 9 minutes, Jaison already uses his advantage. Pretty early. Too early? After 21 minutes, Shambo is out. Russell follows her. Difficult to believe. The next step is the last. They no longer have any knots, except for Jaison, who will stay that way because they don’t have any further to advance. Monica drops out next. John follows. Brett is next. It’s Foa Foa against Dave. Mick is out. After a pretty damn impressive showing, Natalie is next out. That leaves Jaison up against Dave, with Jaison having a two knot advantage. Dave falls. Jaison wins immunity. That auction paid off.

John proposes sticking to the plan. Vote out a Foa Foa. Russell plays along and suggests Mick.

John says he’s 100% sure that Russell has the hidden immunity idol. Yeah, he plays along with that, too. Following this discussion, Russell has decided he’d like to get rid of John. So he approaches Dave and tells him he’s in danger and should vote out John to save himself. This is just playing with fire for no good reason.

Russell then goes to Mick and asks who he’d get rid of if he had a choice. He picks John. Jaison says that, if they do that, Shambo’s gonna dump them, thereby throwing away their advantage next time. Losing two votes by playing recklessly is exactly how Galu got into this hole they’re in now.

At tribal council, Shambo seems shocked that those around her are thinking strategically. She was under the impression they were going to get rid of Dave because she no longer likes him.


With 6 votes, John has been voted off the island. What a ridiculous vote, but it should keep things interesting.

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