Survivor: Samoa Episode 7

Russell S worked himself too hard in Survivor: Samoa Episode 6, collapsed during the challenge, and was eliminated for medical reasons. As a result, there was no vote at tribal council.

The guys on Galu are hoping to get Shambo on their side so that she does not side with the girls instead. There’s a problem with that. Even if she sides with you for now, she ain’t on your side. She likes the other tribe better.

Foa Foa has some indication that they may have a chance. I’m not entirely sure what part of this game gave them that indication.

In an attempt to boost Shambo’s ego, the guys have decided to vote for her to be the leader. After the voting process using fingers and numbers or… something… that does not make anything resembling sense, Monica realizes her head’s probably on the chopping block.

Dave’s afraid of the alliance with Shambo because he considers her too dim to share information with, which kind of negates the concept of an alliance.

The challenge is a memory game with a twist. The leader may decide to keep the item, but if they do so, they forfeit the point. Additionally, 4 items are dummy items without a match. Reward is lunch on a sailboat. Kelly, Dave, and Shambo sit out for Galu. Because Shambo is sitting out, she appoints Erik to make decisions for the challenge. At Dave’s very vocal insistence, she chooses Brett instead. Was there an actual point to that, or just a way for him to show that he can control her? Laura scores the first match for Galu, a fire starting kit. They opt for the kit instead of the point. Brett takes the lead 1-0 for Galu, declining the mosquito net. John then takes the lead 2-0 for Galu. Russell makes it 2-1. Laura makes it 3-1. Then time fast forwards and it’s 5-3 Galu. Then 6-3. With 3 items left, all Galu needs is one more match. Natalie makes it 6-4. Monica scores the final point to win reward for Galu. Wow. Shocker. Shambo’s first decision as leader is to send someone to the other tribe (and miss reward). She chooses Laura.

Laura doesn’t think Shambo likes her, and she’s not shy about letting Russell know that she’s not surprised that she was the one to be sent to their camp. Russell has an offer, as always. They make a final two deal. Neither of them is 100% onboard, but at least it’s something. Oh, and by the way, don’t bother looking for that hidden idol, Laura. Ben found it and hid it somewhere in the camp. As if.

Laura’s also getting along well with Natalie, who is the person Russell suggested as their secret final three partner. This does not sit well with Liz, who would rather their guest work than talk.

In the immunity challenge, both tribes will paddle out to get puzzle pieces shaped like fish, which two members of the tribe will catch from their boat. John, Monica, and Laura sit out for Galu. Wondering whether the leadership necklace is bad luck (it sure wasn’t good luck), Foa Foa leaves it back at camp. Using their height advantage, Foa Foa gets off to an early lead. Foa Foa’s the first tribe to the second station. Their 5-2 lead following Dave’s sucking at fishing turns into a 5-4 lead as they struggle to get the final piece, but they are the first tribe to head back to the beach. Both tribes end up back at the beach at roughly the same time. Liz, Jaison, and Mick work on the puzzle for Foa Foa; Dave, Brett, and Kelly do it for Galu. Galu solves the puzzle first to win immunity. Again.

Russell blame Jaison for the loss. Not only was he dragging in the water, but he gave up on the puzzle and just stared at it as if it were going to solve itself.

Jeff doesn’t sugarcoat it. Foa Foa sucks. Their challenge record is 1-8-1, one of the worst overall performances of any tribe ever.

Russell promises that, if they can just keep the 4 remaining people together, the whole thing’s gonna change. Yeah, this again.

Probst notices that Jaison’s had his head down most of the time during tribal council, occasionally popping his head up. Weighing on his mind is that he screwed up the puzzle, which may be a reason to get rid of him.


Despite the poor attempt at creating drama, Liz is the obvious boot choice.

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