Survivor: Marquesas Episode 13

There was a lot of talk about someone flipping sides to improve their odds in Survivor: Marquesas Episode 12, but ultimately they all kept going the same way they were going and voted out the final remaining Rotu alliance member, Robert. That leaves a pair on either side of Kathy.

Vecepia’s playing the race card. She doesn’t get that she and Sean are linked because they’re an alliance, not because they’re African American. Well, she probably gets it, but this is a nice way to try to make Kathy feel guilty if she goes with Paschal and Neleh instead. Vecepia and Sean have been together from the beginning, except for a few days in the middle when she thought she had a better chance if she distanced herself from him. While Sean was tighter with Boston Rob, once Rob was eliminated, Sean gravitated toward V. Whether it’s more of an alliance of convenience or not, it’s obvious these two are allies who will vote as a block.

The reward challenge is a combination of previous challenges: they will assemble a tiki, break coconuts and fill a chute with juice, untie stilts and walk 10 feet, and open a box with a slingshot in it that they will use to break a tile over their own tiki. Reward will be a Saturn Vue, an SUV that’s likely soon to be phased out under Saturn’s new owners. Vecepia is the first one to complete her tiki. Neleh is next. Sean has his built next. Kathy is fourth. Paschal’s out of it and has no apparent chance of getting past the first station. Sean is the first to fill his chute with coconut juice. Then he’s the first to get his stilts, and nobody else is even going to challenge him. Then he walks on stilts and gets his slingshot. Everybody else has been forgotten. Sean wins reward, which if we’re to believe him happened as a result of divine intervention.

Paschal is discussing how he’s too weak to do much of anything. That makes him an ideal person to take along further because he’s not a challenge threat.

Because she doesn’t want to be the only one wasting energy getting food, Kathy plans to teach everyone how to get it. Sean has managed to get his first trocha shell. It’s been over a month.

Vecepia approaches Paschal because he looks down. His concern is that he and Neleh are targets because they’re a pair. They agree to discuss it with the group later that night. He gives them some new information, which wouldn’t have been hard to guess. He has no intention of voting for Neleh, even if it costs him the game, which is news to Kathy. Unlike Paschal and Neleh who are being honest, perhaps too honest, Sean and Vecepia continue to deny they have anything going. Nobody’s dumb enough to believe that blatant lie. Paschal’s tired of hearing this crap.

The immunity challenge will be based on a story about the local history. As Kathy suspected, anybody should be able to win this. Jeff will tell them a story, and from that story, they will have to answer questions. The first person to answer 5 out of 6 and cross the finish line with 5 tikis will win. Kathy, Neleh, and Paschal get the first one right. As time goes by, it comes down to a battle between Neleh and Kathy. Around this time, Paschal trips, showing how much of an advantage they will have over him in even the remotest of physical challenges. Kathy is the first to 5, and she’s just ahead of Neleh. One falls off of Kathy’s necklace as she’s running back to the finish line. As Neleh begins to celebrate, Probst informs her she, too, lost a tiki. Kathy finds hers first and wins immunity.

Now Kathy has her full choice of options. Does she vote out Sean, or does she vote out Neleh? Or does she force a tie and let the tiebreaker decide?

Probst points out the obvious. As strongly as it may be denied by some, Kathy is the swing vote. She doesn’t really need immunity, and she thinks immunity is up for negotiation… if somebody were to come to her. Nobody did. So now Sean agrees to make a deal with her. A cryptic deal. When Kathy presses him, he offers a final three with himself and Vecepia. Vecepia agrees to that alliance deal. Oh, so now they do have an alliance? Regardless, this is a stupid deal. She’s not going to give up immunity just so she can get a final three deal with somebody because she could get that anyway and still keep immunity.


By a vote of 3-2, Sean has been voted off the island. He’s certainly the biggest physical challenge threat, but unlike Pappy and Neleh who will never break, he may have possibly (albeit not likely) broken from Vecepia to save his own skin.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of Survivor: Marquesas Episode 14 The Sole Survivor, where we will find out who the Survivor: Marquesas winner is.

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