Survivor: Africa Episode 13

Continuing down the line, Kim P was eliminated in Survivor: Africa Episode 12.

They’re getting used to bathing in and drinking from an elephant’s toilet. What they’re struggling with now is the boredom. Aside from there not being much to do, they’re running out of stuff to talk about.

Treemail is letters from home. Oh, now that was just a little too easy. They’re supposed to get that from a reward challenge, not just have it drop from the sky.

The reward challenge is a list of 12 Swahili words in a word scramble. The words will intersect to give them an English word. Lex is starting off quickly. Nobody else even appears to be in this. Lex is up 6-3 over Ethan. Lex is the first to hit 12. His closest competitor when he gets his clue for the English word is Ethan, with 6. Lex wins reward. He spells out Avalanche. There’s a reason for that. His reward: a Chevy Avalanche. Ethan doesn’t want Lex to win any more. Well, then, close your ears. Lex will be an ambassador of good will. They’ve loaded up some medical supplies to bring to Wamba Hospital to help fight AIDS. People come from all around to this little village to get treatment.

Kim J doesn’t want the guys to take each other to the end. Well, then, she should have joined in the all female alliance. Welcome to the game, finally realizing the obvious. She has decided to approach Ethan and tell him that he’s gotta get rid of Lex. Upon his return, Lex thinks the mojo is just funky. Something’s up.

Big Tom has, apparently, told Teresa that Lex should be the next to go. That said, considering they’ve made an alliance, he thinks he’s stuck with that alliance. Teresa is noticing that everybody wants Lex gone, but nobody wants to do it.

The immunity challenge contains elements from previous challenges: puzzle ladder, net, cart with a puzzle, ladder crawl, and bow and arrows. Not entirely physical, but being the most physical sure will help. Ethan, Tom, and Lex are dead even with their puzzle ladders. It’s obvious the girls should just sit out. Lex completes his puzzle first and just needs to hit the target with his arrow. Lex wins immunity. Again.

With Lex safe, Teresa’s hopes may well be dashed. Everybody wants Lex out and has for a long time, but they threw away their opportunity last time when he did not have immunity. Nobody really wants any of the other three out.

The only hope Teresa has now is to get Lex and Kim J to vote out Tom. She admits to being the one who voted against Lex the time before the witch hunt. The reason for that: “somebody” told her to watch out for Lex. Kim backs her up, saying that Tom told her to go ahead and vote against Lex if she really wants him gone, just so long as she doesn’t tell Tom about it. As much as Tom wants Lex gone, he can’t bring himself to vote that way. How many people in the jury know this side of Tom? None. That could be a problem.


By a unanimous vote, Teresa has been voted off the island. She stuck around just long enough to stir the pot, and now the remaining Boran members will be faced with turning on each other.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of Survivor: Africa Episode 14 The Final Four: No Regrets, where we will find out who the Survivor: Africa winner is.

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