Survivor: Borneo Episode 7

Joel was voted out in Survivor: Borneo Episode 6 because, well, mostly because Pagong are stupid.

To begin the merger process, Jenna and Sean have been nominated to be ambassadors to negotiate where they will live. Doesn’t look like it’ll be much of a negotation, though. The Tagi camp is a lot better organized, and adding to that Hatch’s fishing ability makes that camp the obvious choice.

The strategy’s already starting. The alliance would like to get rid of someone on the other team first. After that, what about Sean?

Tagi likes Jenna, to a point. The fact that she never shuts up is not lost on them. Granted, Sean never stops talking either.

Jenna and Sean row out to commence their talks. To help their task go a little easier, they will be receiving lobster and wine. By the next morning, they will need to decide on a tribe name, flag, location of the camp, and which three items they will bring with them. Both of them believe it’s supposed to be a romantic evening, but neither are interested in that. They do, however, both get pretty drunk, without a lot of concern for the task at hand.

During this time, the rest of the tribes are not given any clue what’s happening, so they’re left to wonder all day what’s going to happen.

When Jenna returns, she tells her tribe that they’ve got 5 minutes to pack up their backpacks, luxury items, and the three items they have agreed upon: mosquito nets, wool blanket, and cooking pot. They will be headed to Tagi’s camp, which nobody objects to. They have also decided on a new tribe name, Rattana.

Rudy isn’t looking forward to the change. He’s never going to be not set in his ways.

Greg already knows that Rich is playing a big game.

One of their bright ideas is to reinforce the roof. The roof collapses while they’re doing this. The women are working on fixing up the shelter, while the guys sit back and play games and chat.

Thinking now that he’s on the other camp he can start catching stuff, Greg goes out fishing. He returns with a sea urchin, which may be useful for bait at best. Hatch is happy to see this.

The first night is a chance to tell stories of their conquests. Rudy is not interested in hearing any of this.

The newly redone shelter didn’t work. Everybody ended up getting wet, and there was not enough room. Rudy didn’t have any problem kicking people in the head. They should give him more room, but if not they’ll learn that you don’t mess with an old man.

The first immunity challenge is just a matter of who can hold their breath the longest. The last three to surface move on to the final round. Kelly comes up at 30 seconds. Jenna at 38 seconds and Colleen right behind her. Sue is next at 55 seconds. Gretchen is the last woman standing at just over a minute. Rudy is next at 1:20. Hatch comes up at 1:33, which is rather odd since he probably could have stayed down for the longest, but he has to know he’s safe for now. Sean shakes Greg’s hand and comes up at 1:50. Greg comes up immediately after, and Gervase follows him. Sean, Gervase, and Greg advance. The final round is to swim out across a ladder and release all their buoys. Since there is swimming involved, Gervase isn’t even a factor. It’s between Greg and Sean, and both of them are flying right along without coming up. Greg wins immunity by a nose.

Hatch realizes that his alliance is solid, but they’re not in control yet because there are only 4 of them.

Greg has no interest in playing the game. He’d rather be voted out than form alliances.

Jenna, meanwhile, has no interest in playing the game wisely. She’ll vote based on people’s merits, regardless of whether they were on her tribe or not.

At the end of the day, if Pagong can’t get it together and get on the same page, the voting block of Tagi will take them out. The only part of Tagi that doesn’t have an interest in playing the game is Sean. After playing the first part of the game with a reasonable amount of sense, his infamous alphabetical order voting strategy begins now.


An alliance of four isn’t big enough to control the game, unless the other six people are complete idiots and vote for a different person each. With 4 votes, Gretchen has been voted out.

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