Dancing with the Stars 8 Cast

Dancing with the Stars 8 premieres Monday March 9 at 8/7c on ABC. The cast of 13 contestants who will be competing on the show are:

Belinda Carlisle (Singer, Go-Go’s)
David Alan Grier (Actor, In Living Color)
Jewel (Singer)
Shawn Johnson (Olympic gold medalist, balance beam)
Lil’ Kim (Rapper)
Gilles Marini (Actor, Sex and the City movie)
Ty Murray (Rodeo champion)
Steve-O (aka Stephen Glover, Actor)
Nancy O’Dell (Co-anchor, Access Hollywood)
Denise Richards (Actress)
Lawrence Taylor (Ex-NFL star)
Chuck Wicks (Country singer)
Steve Wozniak (Former Apple designer)

2 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars 8 Cast”

  1. Each year the costumes for your female dancers get skimpier and less attractive…don’t the designers realize kids watch this show???? Please keep modesty in mind when creating the outfits. Not all of us like to see skin when we should be focusing on the dancing (don’t try to convince me the audience likes all bare skin). This is supposed to be a dance contest but I’m starting to think the concept of this show has shifted. You have lost a viewer (and several of my friends, too).

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