Survivor: Gabon Episode 12

Apparently not content with the 20 minute recap at the beginning of next week’s finale, they decided to run a recap episode last week as well. When we last left off in Survivor: Gabon Episode 10, Randy got voted out after playing Bob’s fake idol.

Bob’s pissed off because they thought the joke was funnier than it really was and kept laughing and laughing. He might want to consider not letting the majority know he’s this upset, though.

Corinne is having trouble being around people she doesn’t like. She says she’s a nice person to people she likes. And apparently a complete bitch to those she doesn’t like.

Ken says that Bob has no idea what’s going on in the game and is stupid. Seems to be working okay for him thus far.

In the reward challenge, they will divide into two teams of three to gather puzzle pieces, running across a muddy swamp tied together. The first team to solve this will go to the final round to solve a slide puzzle. Reward is video messages from home along with pizza, beer, and brownies. Because today is all about love, nobody is going to Exile. Aw. Isn’t that special? They draw rocks. Crystal and Susie are captains. Susie wins rock, paper, scissors and picks Matty. Crystal chooses Sugar (huh?). Matty picks Kenny. Sugar picks Bob. Corinne is not chosen. Fairly amusing outcome, and it’s not like she’d contribute to solving the puzzle anyway, even if she’s somewhat okay at the physical aspect. Crystal’s finally showing that she’s something of an athlete, dragging her first pick Sugar. Matty is stuck with Susie and Ken, both of whom are dragging initially. Crystal’s strong initial performance doesn’t last, though, and the other team passes them on the last half. This is where it becomes apparent she’s a 200-400 meter champion, not a distance runner. Matty’s team retains the lead on the second trip across. It’s still anybody’s game when we get to the puzzle, and Bob, Sugar, and Crystal pull ahead to win. The bad news for the other two is that they have to know they can’t beat Bob in part two, and he not suprisingly wins reward easily. This makes Ken want him gone.

Bob gets a surprise. His wife is there in person to meet him after he wins reward. She thinks he smells good. Now that’s love. He gets to take her back to camp to see the others. Behind them are the family members from the rest of the tribe. For some reason, they fell for Probst’s obvious lie about their family members not being there, which we’ve known is not true for like 8 years now.

Ken says that Crystal and Sugar trust him 100%, that he is fully responsible for personally taking out five people, and that everybody loves him and will vote for him in the end. Sugar spreads some of her dad’s ashes. An emotional Matty proposes to his girlfriend.

Corinne and Bob aren’t looking to get on the majority. Instead, their plan is to merely blindside Matty. The others plan to vote out Bob and then Corinne. As a second part of his plan, Bob’s going to make another fake idol, with a story that nobody checked the bottle that went into the ocean when they all got rid of the other idol.

Immunity is Q&A and ball tossing to hit a target. For each correct question, they get a ball.

Gorillas were first discovered in Gabon. True or false?
True. Corinne and Sugar are right.

A male elephant is called a bull. A female is called a mare, a doe, or a cow?
A cow. Sugar, Susie, Corinne, and Bob are correct.

The Gabonese viper is poisonous but is considered virtually harmless. True or false?
False. It is deadly. Sugar, Bob, Ken, Crystal, and Matty are right.

The elephant’s trunk has three purposes: nose, arm, and mouth. True or false?
False. It is the nose and arm but not the mouth. Ken, Matty, Sugar, Corinne, and Bob are right.

Ken’s first shot is 6 away from the center. Matty gets 4 away. Sugar is not close enough. Susie’s only chance is not enough, and she’s out. Corinne also misses Matty’s mark. Bob takes the lead. Crystal’s only shot is not enough, and she’s next out. Ken’s next shot is not close enough, and he’s eliminated. Matty’s eliminated. Sugar’s close but not close enough to Bob. Corinne misses her next shot. Bob improves, 1 away from dead center. Good luck beating that. Sugar misses. Corinne is out. Bob’s next toss is not any closer. Sugar’s not close enough on her final toss, and Bob wins immunity. So I guess the target now is Corinne, but Bob still hopes to blindside Matty.

Corinne needs to get one person alone to tell the fake idol story to. She picks Ken. He seems to buy the story without question and is thinking of taking out Matty. For some reason, Corinne then says maybe they should take out Crystal instead, but Ken comes back with just getting Crystal to join them as a fourth. When their talks are done, Bob gets busy making his second fake idol, which again is quite impressive. Then he shows it to Crystal, who is fooled by it.

Not so fast with the plan, though. Ken doesn’t want to play this smart. He wants to play it half way, also flushing out the idol. He tells Crystal that, regardless of what the plan is, she needs to vote for Corinne, who will be playing the idol (even though she’s got final four assurances from them). Crystal’s not 100% sure that the idol is actually real, considering we saw Bob’s handiwork last time, and she’s not so sure she wants to see Corinne go home over Matty.

Ultimately, this is win-win for Bob. If Matty goes home, they get rid of a physical threat, and he’s in the majority. If Corinne goes home, it will mean Ken was enough of a dumbass to vote against his group while intentionally ensuring he did not have the majority of the votes, thereby destroying that group and turning them against each other.

Corinne does not play her fake idol.


By a vote of 4-3, Corinne has been voted out. The fact he received 3 votes will not be lost on Matty. Ken made perhaps his first really stupid move so far, but Bob made quite the genius move that may well save him next time.

As for Corinne, she hopes everybody but Bob and Ken have miserable lives. Leaving on the same positive note she’s stayed on this whole season I see.

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