Survivor: Gabon Episode 8

Two people were voted out in Survivor: Gabon Episode 7 because, well, I’m not real sure why. Anyway, following the prior week in which he was in complete control of his tribe, Ace got the boot, an indication he overplayed his hand. This made his already jokeworthy tribe a bigger joke than it previously had been. Then, Kota followed by also voting out one of its stronger members, Dan, apparently because the core alliance felt threatened by him, though they never said that in so many words.

The Kota 6 try to make an alliance to the end. Until Corinne and Marcus get bitter about Susie and let her know she’s not really with them, so she may as well just flip and make it 5-5.

Because Ken told her some ridiculous lies that she should have seen right through, Sugar has decided she trusts Ken a lot more than she trusts Ace. Matty, the lone vote to keep Ace, is just hoping for a merge.

Corinne says she’s highly annoyed with Susie. As if we needed to hear it again to notice. She also says she’s an extremely vindictive person. Here’s hoping the looks last because the personality is not exactly resembling that of someone with a full deck.

Tribes get treemail that makes them think it’s time to merge, which historically does happen at 10. When they arrive at the feast, they see a box that tells them not to open it until everybody’s done eating.

While they’re eating, they see a clue to a hidden immunity idol. Oh no. Another one? Not this again. Remember when Survivor was just a group of strangers competing for one and only one idol? Everyone agrees that they don’t need an idol, and they decide to set it free in the ocean. Randy finds the idol and puts it on the table, saying that whoever wants it can have it. They eventually go with the original plan of just throwing it in the ocean. Yeah, they’ll probably just bury half a dozen more of them anyway.

Then it’s time to open the box. Each tribe member grabs a stone. It’s a(nother) tribal shuffle. They have just divided themselves into two new tribes. Odd numbers are Fang; even numbers are Kota. Expect the unexpected. At least nobody stuck their foot in their mouth while at the beach, although it’s safe to say some people did so previously.

New new Kota: Bob, Marcus, Susie, Crystal, Ken
New new Fang: Randy, Charlie, Corinne, Matty, Sugar

Old new Kota is up 3-2 in both of the new tribes, but Susie could easily take Marcus out of there, which would be a huge pre-merge move.

It turns out that Crystal is the cousin of one of Marcus’ best friends. Great, preexisting relationships with the potential to influence the game. It’s like Big Brother.

The plan on Fang is to get rid of Matty, who already knows that Randy can’t be trusted. Thanks to Matty, Sugar has realized sooner than I would have expected that Crystal and Ken duped her. Matty asks her to make sure they keep each other informed if they hear the other’s going home. If they stick with this plan, they could use the idol successfully, as the plan of the other three is to tell each one they’re going to be voted out.

Corinne makes it clear she has no intention of accepting the new Fang tribe.

Immunity is an endurance challenge. The first tribe to lose all their members goes to tribal council. Survivors will stand with their arms out supporting poles. After 1 second, Crystal is out (surely this is a new record). Sugar drops after 10 seconds. Susie drops next. Randy and Corinne follow. Ken is out next. Marcus is next, leaving Bob to defend Kota. Charlie is out, which leaves Matty to face off against Bob. Matty’s cockiness nearly costs him, but he holds on to win the challenge for Fang (a seemingly cursed tribe that’s lost half a dozen times in a row).

I’d rather see the drama of Matty and Sugar using the hidden idol effectively, but seeing whether Susie’s stupid enough to trust Marcus should be good as well.

Marcus wants to see Ken go home, and he tells Crystal that he’d rather have her in the Kota 6 than Susie. She’s not happy that he wants to take out her number one ally with this plan, while he gets to keep all his allies. Then Marcus sweet talks Susie into believing he wants to take her to the final three. Ken and Crystal know they also need Susie on their side, so Crystal tells her that she needs to join them or finish sixth.

Bob says he regrets his last vote, as they got rid of a strong team member believing a merge was around the corner. Both Dan and Ace would have performed well in the last challenge, although since tribe selection was dumb luck, there’s no guarantee which side they would have ended up on.


By a vote of 3-2, Marcus has been voted off the island and is the first member of the jury. While Susie’s place in the game may still be uncertain, this was her only logical move, as her alleged allies made it blatantly obvious they were going to turn on her. Unbeknownst to her, this puts her right smack in the middle of five people who at some point will be going after each other, once they get rid of the other side presumably, a power position that makes her the safest person there at this time.

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