Queen Emily David America’s Got Talent 3

40-year-old single mom Emily David (aka Queen Emily) has wanted to sing her whole life but had to take care of her children instead. Now that her children are almost grown up, she’s pursuing her dream. Here’s a video of her singing Chain of Fools on America’s Got Talent 3 Episode 6.

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  1. Queen Emily puts all of the American Idol winners and almost all of the so called musical stars out there to shame! She has talent and a joy in her heart you can feel! If a record company doesn’t snap her up I give up! Keep singing Queen Emily – you are going to keep rock alive single handed!

  2. Dear Queen Emily David You are incridible, the best singer I’ve ever seen on any talent show. There are thousands of singers out there singing for a living, making very respectable incomes that wish they had your depth, range, sound, timing, talent etc. You can rest asured that you won’t have to worry any more about how you are going to provide for your family or the example that your children have been blessed to witness first hand. Your life will never be the same. God has blessed you with every thing you have and all that you have expirenced. With out the passed it wouldn’t feel SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD. I am so happy for you and your family. Go and do what you do and be yourself and all your dreams will come true. Michael Protzman P.S. I’m so happy to have witnessed your national coming out party and you and your families happiness on that occasion.

  3. My soul burst into a flood of happiness, awe, hope and amazement at your talent, honesty and the sheer pleasure of how real you, your story and your voice is.

    I gasped and sobed and lived through every wonderful expression on your face. Your proud children, the whole audience was humbled by your tentative reserve, we could feel the weight of mighty battles past with each step on stage – something big. When the bass rumbled we stoped breathing, wanting, hoping and then it was a flood!

    You launched a tidal wave that broke the banks of a 40 year old dam and we surfed that powerful mother.

    Everything the judges said was true. Your childrens embraces were real. It happened and its wonderful.


  4. Emily you are amazing!
    My humble advice: When on stage, try to focus all your energy into the present time, when everything happens, into singing the song and nothing else.
    When you walk on stage, leave your past pain and disappointments behind; don’t think of them. Fill your heart and your mind with the joy of singing. Your talent and your spirit will place you where you belong: among the greatest stars of music.
    Allow yourself to be alive and vibrant. You are a winner 🙂
    Many blessings!

  5. Dear Emily,

    I’m from Holland, and I think I saw your performences for about 500 times, and everytime I’m starting to cry… You’re one of the best singers I’ve ever heard, and your such a beautiful woman!

    Even here in Holland they love you!!

    Many Blessings for you and your kids!!

  6. Dear Emily
    I am from Romania and i think that u are amazing….live u past behind and do the best in this show … u will win… i know from the start that u have a great voice ..u have something special Emily ….do the best in this show

  7. Emily,

    I just saw your vid and that was amazing, you need to be signing, it is your life, no matter how long you have waited it is your dream and your life path.

    I wish you all the best in your signing career you are on your way.

  8. Hello Emily and family!
    We all know that if you did not win, there are recording artist ready to sign you up for more than a million dollars. Don’t forget to record a gospel CD, “ok”.

    see you at the Grammys
    Jeanette & daughter

  9. Hello Queen Emily!
    My name is Tanya and I work for a local non-profit child care company (Creative Child Care, Inc.) here in Stockton! We all watched you perform and love your talent! We offer subsidized services, with either little or no cost to the families in our community that are either working going to school or training to become more self-sufficient. We would like for you to come to one of our events and grace us with your wonderful talent. If this is possible for you to do please contact me via e-mail or by telephone (209.941.9100 ext. 230)

  10. This woman is WONDERFUL I recored the song change on my dvr when ever I feel down in the dumps I play this song it makes me feel really good. I hope you can forward this on too her. I would love to know what she is doing now? If she has an email address I would love to talk to her.

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