Donald Braswell America’s Got Talent 3

Not letting severed vocal chords get in his way, Donald Braswell is back on stage for the first time in over a decade. He wins over a hostile crowd by singing Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up on America’s Got Talent 3 Episode 5.

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  1. Donald Braswell is a total DILF (dad I’d like to f***). He is a very HOT middle-aged man with indisputable singing talent. But I don’t believe for one minute his performance (tears) and the audience reaction (boo to cheer) wasn’t rehearsed by the producers for the drama factor. I’m glad he recovered from that horrendous accident, but everyone knew he was going on to compete in the next round before he even took the stage.

  2. It was a great error in judgement by america’s got talent to pass by donald braswell. his strength in recovery is total attribution to his unsurpassed talent! hang in there donald, you are the best

  3. Dear Donald..

    I just love your voice..

    Even though I am not and never was an Opera fan..

    Your Great voice has made me a believer..

    I also just purchased your CD..

    With ~Love~ In Christ..

  4. I almost forgot..

    I voted 20 times, for you to go back on America’s Got Talent..

    Because You do..

    With ~Love~ your sister..In Christ..

  5. Donald Braswell is an inspiration. He has my vote and I hope everyone who can will vote for him. He deserves every chance to become a star in the music world.

  6. How could the judges forget their original reaction to Donald Braswell? The man has an incredible voice and stage presence. He should have been sent to the next level. Shame on you judges!

  7. All I can say is WOW! What a voice this gentleman has. I hope he makes it as the wild card act. I’ve listened to this clip several times and he still brings tears to my eyes evey time I hear him sing. What an inspiration.

  8. What an outstanding member of the United States. You are representing American Donald and I for one think your the top of the line and congratulate you on your outstanding performances. I vote for you every time I can. Go America, Vote Donald to the finals and make his dream come true all the way.

  9. donald-when there is nothing on tv i play your clips over and over because of your beautiful voice as well as your stage prescense-your outstanding voice along with humbleness america is rooting for you all the way-you put so much feeling in your songs and there is definitely a place out there for you regardless of what type of song you choose to sing-you’ve got america on your side!!—–d.g.

  10. What a magnificent voice Donald Braswell has. He realy a outstanding singer. I realy love his singing. I vote for him. I hope he can win this copetition.

  11. Thank you so much for your page on Donald Braswell He’s a wonderful human being and an superb singer. We in Canada can’t view the videos from you web site.. Ann

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