Joseph Hall/Elvis Presley America’s Got Talent 3

Joseph Hall does Elvis Presley on America’s Got Talent, and he’s surprisingly good.

6 thoughts on “Joseph Hall/Elvis Presley America’s Got Talent 3”

  1. I am from TEXAS….we went to Myrtle Beach for vacation!
    While we were there we saw Legends in Concert!! Like I said were from TEXAS we drove all 1057 miles and the only thing we can talk about was Joseph Hall! It was shocking to see him do so well…it was like elvis was on stage!! He did such a good job on our way back to Texas we had to swing up to Graceland…
    JOSEPH HALL should win America’s Got Talent!!!!!

    Tiffany From TEXAS

  2. JOSEPH HALL performed in Nebraska this week and the audience loved him! So glad I got to his show. He should have come in #1 in the “America’s Got Talent” contest–he is amazing! He has the voice, the smile, the hair, the moves, the range, and the overall look. He’ll be a “crowd pleaser” where he goes! He’s one incredibly talented performer. Best wishes to you, Joseph! We’ll get you back to Chicago.

  3. Joseph Hall is a great Elvis. He loves his audiance. He made a lot of old ladies happy in Nebraska in August. He should have stayed in the contest forever. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and a scarf and signed it and let us take a picture of him and I .
    I’m his fan forever!!

  4. I think that Joseph is awesome…… I am all the way from South Africa & he is the absolute best that I have seen thus far!!! Keep it up Joseph!!!!! You Rock!

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