The Amazing Race 12 Episode 6

Following Shana & Jennifer’s use of the U-turn, the producers really tried to overplay the impact of the new U-turn twist in The Amazing Race 12 Episode 5. By the way, did I mention there’s a new U-turn twist? And a team… used it? So anyway, following the excessive amount of drama over the elimination of a team that didn’t have a prayer with or without the U-turn twist, we saw Shana & Jennifer, who disagreed over whether to use the U-turn, not be able to agree on anything else either. Eventually they were both eliminated. Speaking of Jennifers, Nathan called his teammate Jennifer a bitch. This isn’t going to be pretty.

As usual, there’s a football overrun delay. I’ll begin a live blog in about 25 minutes when 60 Minutes is over.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: TK & Rachel
Second: Kynt & Vyxsin
Third: Ronald & Christina
Fourth: Azaria & Hendekea
Fifth: Nathan & Jennifer
Sixth: Nicolas & Donald

Only a 42 minute gap between teams. Unlikely to make a difference.

Next stop is Dubrovnik, Croatia, which is 900 miles away.

TK & Rachel discuss how they keep cool heads. The other couples could learn something from them.

Nathan & Jennifer are using this race as a test of their relationship. Somebody tell them that never works.

Ronald & Christina are working together with Azaria & Hendekea, giving them the information they called ahead to get.

Kynt & Vyxsin go to a travel agent instead of waiting around. Everybody else gets paranoid and wants to do the same. Ronald, the great communicator he is, goes over to them and screams at them. Christina has to apologize for his behavior and ask him to not do that again.

Azaria tells Hendekea not to give him her attitude. He insists on handling things and tells her to be quiet. His expert handling of the situation gets them business class seats, which they can’t use.

Despite all the chaos to book flights, everything arrives at 11:20am, and for that matter, the flight that leaves earlier has a tighter connection, making it a less ideal option. Granted, either of them could be unpredictably problematic.

First flight: TK & Rachel, Nicolas & Donald
Second flight: Kynt & Vyxsin, Ronald & Christina, Nathan & Jennifer
Third flight: Azaria & Hendekea

Azaria & Hendekea are now too late to get on either of the first two flights. While they’re rebooking their flight, they’re told that the first flight, with the tight connection, will be delayed.

The second flight touches down at 11:20am, on time. The other flights are, well, not that lucky.

The road block is renovating city walls damaged by a civil war. Only certain rocks will fit into the wall, so it’s pretty much a puzzle. Apparently a fairly easy puzzle.

Teams must then make their way to the Fort of St. Lawrence right in front of them, where they will ride a zipline to the other side.

The detour is a choice between short & long or long & short. In short & long, teams rappel down from the roof of the fort to the base, follow a marked path and scale a wall, then navigate the streets to the plaza. This is less physical but has the potential to be more confusing. In long & short, teams use a tandem zipline to the water below, then choose a fishing boat, row around the area, and head to the plaza that’s less far away. This is more physical.

Short & Long: Kynt & Vyxsin, TK & Rachel
Long & short: Ronald & Christina, Nathan & Jennifer, Nicolas & Donald, Azaria & Hendekea

Ronald doesn’t want Christina to teach him new tricks. Nathan’s looking forward to the physical aspect of this challenge, even though he doesn’t know how to row a boat. He and Jennifer are beginning to continue falling apart. She wants to talk; he just wants to paddle. Then she says, “I hate you. I hate you… I hate you with a passion.”

Teams must then travel 4 miles to the pitstop for this leg of the race, a stone cross that overlooks the city. Already? That seemed like a pretty quick leg to me.

Nathan & Jennifer are unable to get a cab because they’re damp. Ronald & Christina, however, don’t have any problem getting the same cab. Somehow, this is Nathan’s fault, and Jennifer believes it relates to their terrible relationship. “I am so miserable.” Yeah, no kidding.

They hitchhike to the pitstop. Not good, as their safety can’t be guaranteed in an unknown pedestrian vehicle. I don’t recall a penalty resulting from this in the US version, but on the first season of The Amazing Race Asia, one was assessed, causing the elimination of Sahil & Prashant, to everybody’s delight.

TK & Rachel land at 2:39PM. Nicolas & Donald get in at some time that’s a secret. Azaria & Hendekea land in last, apparently not too far behind Nicolas & Donald.

First: Ronald & Christina (they win a catamaran)
Second: Kynt & Vyxsin
Third: Nathan & Jennifer (they were in second but were made to return to the place where they hitchhiked, though it may just be because they didn’t take a taxi as instructed)
Fourth: TK & Rachel
Fifth: Nicolas & Donald
Sixth: Azaria & Hendekea (eliminated)

Azaria & Hendekea were a strong team, but ultimately they failed because he was more interested in being in control than thinking smartly. The first flight delay that did cause a situation in which they were at least reasonably close is a good lesson for future teams, though. Just because a flight leaves earlier doesn’t mean it’s better. Nicolas & Donald appear to be on their last legs and are limping along. Nathan & Jennifer unfortunately will probably continue to place well, but their relationship’s dead when all’s said and done.

Next week’s show will be preempted for the finale of Survivor: China.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 12 episode 7, which airs Sunday at 8/7c(ish) on CBS.

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