Survivor: China Episode 8

Survivor: China Episode 7 proved to be as predictable as expected. Despite some very questionable loyalties, the tribe that was up 6-4 pre-merge stuck together and booted one of the others, Jaime.

James catches some fish without trying and discusses how his team came together despite being complete opposites of each other.

Tribes will get in boats with holes in them and try to sink each other twice in the reward challenge. Peih-Gee and Jean-Robert are captains. Jean-Robert picks James, James picks Todd, and Todd picks Amanda. Peih-Gee picks Frosti, Frosti picks Erik, and Erik picks Courtney. Denise will not participate in the challenge. The lightest team members, Todd and Courtney, get in the boats. In the first round, Courtney gets completely crushed. They picked her because she was light, but they didn’t take into account that she sucked. Frosti and Amanda get in the boats next. Frosti, likewise, gets crushed. Amanda, James, Todd, and Jean-Robert win reward.

Reward is a visit to a Chinese village. They get the final clue to the hidden immunity idols, both of which have been found already. Jean-Robert is completely surprised, though the other people on the reward already know about the idols, and he’s the only person in his tribe who has not been informed of the state of idols. Then they get to eat some Chinese food, only there they just call it food.

Denise, who was the only person not picked for the reward challenge, starts to get worried that they’ll also choose her last when it comes to later on in the game. Perhaps sensing this, Peih-Gee tries to get something going, and Denise says she’s open to the idea but will do whatever is best for her.

In the middle of the night, Jean-Robert just stays up and searches for the idol. A smart move if the idols weren’t already taken.

Todd, who’s a bit bitter that James took his idols and ran, comes up with a new plan. Blindside James and take him out to avoid the danger of a physical threat with two hidden immunity idols. Absolutely brilliant plan, though it will piss off the large amount of James fans. This is a good idea because if they don’t take out James and his idols now, they may as well just write the check out to him rather than going through with the formality of the rest of the season. Frosti’s down with this move. Amanda’s a bit skeptical.

Immunity challenge is a balancing act. They sit on barrels filled with water, which is slowly emptying out a hole in the bottom. Jean-Robert is first out. Denise follows. James falls next. Obviously, this challenge wasn’t designed with bigger people in mind. Erik falls fourth. He is followed by Peih-Gee. Amanda is disqualified for touching the structure in front of her. Todd goes next. It’s between Courtney and Frosti. Courtney hasn’t budged at all during the whole challenge, and she keeps it up and wins immunity.

Jean-Robert thinks things have changed, and he also thinks he has the hidden immunity idol. Erik tells him he doesn’t and that James does. Jean-Robert also raises the concept of pulling the fast one on James, as he finally realizes his tribe’s been leaving him out of the loop. He offers James an alliance, but James has no interest because… he’s Jean-Robert.

Now Todd wants to get rid of Jean-Robert, since he also came up with the idea of going after James. The rest of the tribe is happy with a Jean-Robert boot, except for Amanda, who still wants to get rid of Peih-Gee.

Jeff points out the obvious at tribal council: James is a physical threat. James says there are bigger threats, those who talk too much and are willing to shake things up. Erik and Peih-Gee are the only ones who bothered to pack.


Jean-Robert finally bites the dust. I’m not so sure it was good to throw the votes James’ way, but it will probably cause him to be skeptical of his current alliance. If it’s a physical challenge, he’ll likely win. If he doesn’t, he’ll use his idols. Either way, I’d say the window of opportunity to safely remove James from the game has now passed. Interestingly, Denise was kept out of the loop, which won’t help her get any closer to her tribe.

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3 thoughts on “Survivor: China Episode 8”

  1. The producers could not have made a challenge more tailor-made for Courtney to win. The survivors fell off in the exact order of decreasing body mass/upper body mass. StickChick just had to sit there.

    Yeah, JR’s number was up tonight. I hope he realized that when he found out everyone else already knew about the idols. Good note to future contestants: add “please” and “thank you” to your vocabulary and lead by asking for help. Close call tonight for James at Council. Wise up my man!! My bet is Courtney starts hating on him next. Or on Denise; she’s the other player with any body mass.

    My guess is that next week’s immunity challenge will be one of those endurance things like standing on a pole. Boring.

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