Kid Nation Episode 4

In Kid Nation episode 3, the yellow district continued to do nothing (still), the kids flipped out because they got a microwave and cocoa that would last the whole time rather than pizzas that would have been gone later that night, Greg didn’t win a gold star, and Taylor practiced being a beauty queen.

As the kids start discussing how religion starts wars, the journal conveniently tells them that they need to address the concept of religion. Great, more pot stirring from the adults who are supposedly leaving the kids to their own devices.

The council comes up with the idea to have all religions in one room and have people from each religion talk, in an attempt to let people learn from each other. Sophia hangs her head dreading it, and then a bunch of people start shouting/arguing about how this idea is going to start arguments. Mike doesn’t care about the input he gets. He tells them to shut up.

Alex decides to do a survey to find out what religion everybody is, receiving responses of Christian, Jewish, Hindu, atheist, and other.

Nobody cares what the council says. Nobody bothers to show up.

Morgan takes a different approach. She invites people and tells them they can come and pray if they want. This gets a good response, unlike yelling at people and trying to force them. People of all different religions come to join together and have a good time.

Taylor and the rest of yellow district are thrilled being upper class because it means they can sleep in and do whatever they want. Just like they did before they were the yellow district. Zach is trying to separate himself from the yellow district because he doesn’t like how they’re behaving.

The showdown is a puzzle. The kids must create a steeple puzzle then raise it with pulleys. Reward is not yet revealed. Yellow starts strong but falls apart. Red manages to take the lead as yellow screams and tries to figure out where a piece is. Blue then overcomes red with a slight lead going into the final stage. Pretty obvious what’s going to happen here. The oldest kid in town, Greg, is able to raise the steeple faster. Blue is the upper class. Red finishes close behind to become the merchants. Yellow takes a slight lead over green, and everybody begins praying yellow finally gets where they belong. But it’s too late. Yellow are the cooks, which allows Taylor to say if people don’t like it, they can just starve themselves. Green finishes in time to win the reward.

The reward is a choice between mini golf or a library of holy books. The council turns the decision over to the town because everybody got pissed off last time. Good way to at least try to stay in power, but considering who’s making the decision, it’s not a good way to ensure that the right decision is made. Oddly enough, the town chooses the books over golf. That’ll upset some people, but the majority of the town will be happy.

Cody, 9, gets homesick because of a letter from his girlfriend, who he’s known ever since third grade. Not touching this one.

Yellow team is still not doing anything. Only two yellow people are in the kitchen. A couple of people go to confront Taylor about her attitude and tell her they’re getting pissed off. She just laughs and keeps doing what she’s doing. Zach gets fed up and goes around gathering everybody from the other districts to help him watch dishes. Overthrow Taylor and put him in her place.

The kids wake up to snow, which receives mixed reactions. It’ll be harder to keep those water pipes unfrozen now.

Zach is the first person mentioned when it comes to a gold star. Morgan is also mentioned again. As usual, Greg’s name comes up. I’d say let him sweat it out for a few more weeks. I am impressed with his improved attitude, though. Instead of thinking he’s the only one who deserves a gold star, he acknowledges that Zach has also worked hard.

When asked if they have a problem with the leadership, Taylor’s name comes up again.

Cody decides he wants to go home because he misses his family. This leads to a tearful goodbye. Campbell is upset his best friend is leaving.

Morgan is awarded the gold star for working hard, being nice to everyone, and not complaining.

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