America’s Next Top Model 9 Episode 2

Episode 1 saw a bunch of people running around like madwomen and ultimately being narrowed down to the final 13. This episode should have a bit more direction and control to it.

Top Model goes green, with a 100% biodiesel vehicle made of recycled materials. I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to be impressed with their ethical treatment of the environment.

While the rest of the girls have fun going into the pool with their clothes on, Heather holds back and is writing on her own.

The photo shot is a public service announcement for why smoking is bad. They are first shot with a cigarette in their mouths, followed by an overexaggerated shot of the bad side effects. Mila thinks the whole situation is hilarious, which it is because it’s so over the top and in your face. Heather actually looks really good with makeup but has trouble doing the shoot with another girl, Saleisha.

When it’s all done, Lisa says Bianca is insecure and conceited (uh, aren’t those two opposite things?), which is followed by a catfight. Bianca later only apologizes for what she said about Lisa being an exotic dancer because she thinks Tyra will look poorly upon her if she doesn’t apologize (as if then admitting that to the camera somehow helps her position).

Ms. J. comes out and gives them a lecture about style and tells them they’re going to go to Old Navy. The judges will determine at panel who did the best job of shopping. They have 10 minutes to rip apart the store and choose an outfit for the next day at panel.

Heather becomes the center of conversation multiple times throughout the night because she’s shy and awkward. She calls her mom and tells her she doesn’t feel like she can trust them, which she’s absolutely right about for the most part. Only a couple girls have a positive attitude about giving her a chance.

Chantal is told her accessories are distracting. They’re overall pleased with her but are concerned with her bedroom eyes. The judges are pleased with Jenah’s emotion in her picture. Victoria says she’s not insecure, even if she is soft spoken. Mila is told her outfit looks like a sack and that they have trouble with how she looks in the picture (because it was a ridiculous picture with a stupid concept). Bianca is told she needs to study and look in the mirror, and getting rid of the purple hair couldn’t hurt. The judges love Ebony’s outfit but don’t like her photo shoot as much. They tell Heather she needs to be more confident. Saleisha wins the best outfit prize, a shopping spree and ad for Old Navy.

Tyra announces that this is a no smoking cycle. As of the next day, smoking has been banned from the show. Then it’s time to reveal who moves on.


So it’s between Mila and an already emotional Ebony. Tyra tells them it takes more than just being a pretty girl to be a model. Ebony is safe. Mila is the first one to go home. Mila ultimately got screwed by a ridiculous PSA that, while it was a good message, was just overdone, to the point where it became comedic, which is why she couldn’t stop laughing. They seemed to be more interested in making a (bad) horror movie than giving a message that smoking is bad.

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