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It has been a long time since I’ve talked about anything celebrity related on dingoRUE, and I think even longer since I’ve had a sponsored review request from Review Me, and wouldn’t you know it, I get to kill two birds with one stone today.

I received a review request from CelebrityGossip.com the other day and, though I was hesitant to actually accept the offer, I checked out the site and decided it would be worth a review. So let’s get down to business.

Though I don’t like to admit it, I’m some what of a celebrity news addict (I blame my work 100%), so I spend a lot of time cruising the celebrity news sites, blogs, etc. Things like PerezHilton, E! Online and the likes, so getting a review request from a new celebrity gossip site actually peaked my interest a bit.

At First Glance

CelebrityGossip.com comes across as another in a long line of Digg clones and, upon further investigation, that is exactly what it is. Although that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Digg is a great resource for technology news and the likes, but when it comes to television news and celebrity gossip, Digg is sorely lacking. In fact, the entertainment pages of Digg see next to no traffic or interest compared to the tech and computer related pages. This is where the Celebrity Gossip site has the opportunity to shine.

Being a Digg style site 100% focused on celebrities and celebrity related news, Celebrity Gossip will most certainly fill an as yet untapped niche. Given, the site is in its infancy and doesn’t appear to have a great deal of traffic, it does however have promise.

The Look

The overall look of the site is simple and clean, which keeps it easy to navigate and makes the purpose of the site clear the moment you look at it. Like many celebrity gossip sites, pink is the color of choice and as much as I hate the color, it befitting of the sites content.

My one initial complaint about the look of the site is how massive the header image and top ad are. You actually have to scroll down to view the entire first article, which is a big issue in my eyes. Standard web design and general usability practices say your first article or piece of interest should always be above the fold (halfway mark) of the page, and Celebrity Gossip has failed to do that. I think with a little reworking and resizing of the header image, tabs, ad, etc. it could end up with a much tighter look and feel.


I like the idea behind the site, though the amount of Digg copy sites out there now-a-days makes it hard to really pay a lot of attention to any new ones. The content on the site is good and, with more traffic, should only get better. Overall I think the site has a lot of promise and I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on how things progress.

Check it out for yourself at CelebrityGossip.com.

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