America’s Got Talent, and a New Host!

According to the people over at Televisionary, the second season of America’s Got Talent is in for a bit of a shake up. As has been very well publicized, one of the shows hosts – Brandy – has a few legal matters (to say the least) on her plate that will most likely prevent her from fulfilling her show hosting duties. For those that’ve been living under a rock for the last year, Brandy is involved in a fairly heated legal situation stemming from a fatal car accident she was involved in and potentially the cause of last year. Never having been a Brandy fan, ever… I swear, I’m not especially heart broken about the possibility of her leaving the show, especially since the leading lady that may be taking over is none other than failed talk show host and reality TV superstar Sharon Osbourne!

As was reported by Televisionary, “producers of America’s Got Talent will be replacing beleaguered judge Brandy, currently embroiled in legal problems– both criminal and civil–stemming from her involvement in a fatal car crash last year, with British reality TV veteran Sharon Osbourne.”

Sharon Osbourne, long time wife of legendary rock-star Ozzy Osbourne, should have no problem filling Brandy’s tiny shoes as co-host on America’s Got Talent 2. Needless to say, she has more reality TV knowledge and experience than Brandy could ever hope to have (at least until she starts appearing on C-List celebrity shows like Surreal Life). Osbourne has hosted her own talk show, been a judge on the British reality TV series’ X-Factor and Xtra Factor and has, obviously, stared in the hit TV show The Osbournes”.

Though Sharon replacing Brandy on America’s Got Talent 2 has not yet been confirmed or made official, it’s sounding pretty likely and could prove to be a great move for the show and its ratings. I know I’d find her one hell of a lot more interesting to watch than Brandy, so here’s hoping their is truth behind this rumor!

Sources: Televisionary & Reality Blurred

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  1. i love this show so much it has inspired me to go on americas got talent iv been singing sence i was like 3 yrs old and in my family its my turn to shine.because my cuzin is singing with all these famous singers and she sang the national anthom at a baseball game in san diago californa her name is adriana rivero and i think if she has what it takes to let her dearm come true then i think i should let mine come true to.

  2. I am excited for the new season of America’s Got Talent. IT actually looks really promising and it seems like they might actually be able to distinguish real talent from not….i think it premieres next tuesday at 9

  3. I’m really excited for the new season. I love me some Jerry Springer, and let’s be honest, everything the Hoff touches is magical. Tuesday night on NBC! TiVo…set!

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