Tom Cruise Dances With Katie Holmes… Well, Kinda.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Dance (Image Source:

Like the saying goes “White man can’t dance” and, even though that’s not always true, there could be no more accurate a saying to describe Tom Cruise’s efforts to scale Katie Holmes like a spider monkey. Not only was it a disturbing and plain weird thing to watch, it also further cements the fact that Tom’s reputation and career are going down faster than a white house intern.

The good people over at have released a nice little video of Tom Cruise attempting to dance with Katie Holmes on the side of a stage, while Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony sing. It really is a sad and pathetic thing to watch, and for the first time ever, I actually feel confident in my dancing skills, and that’s really saying something.

From the looks of the video, Tom can’t even sway back and forth in rhythm, and the way he wraps his arms around Katie is just plain weird. Sort of like a midget trying to ride a giraffr.

Watch Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dance!

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