the Amazing Race 10: Cho Brothers in the Kharma Business

As much as I love Erwin and Godwin, better know as the Cho Brother’s from the Amazing Race 10, their newest business venture doesn’t strike me as one that will succeed. The idea is good, their heart are in the right place (as usual), but it doesn’t sound or look like it can turn into a successful business.

The Amazing Race 10’s Erwin and Godwin Cho have ventured into the Kharma business with their newest idea, The idea behind the business is to offer and sell products made by independent artists, while using part of the money made to fund random acts of kindness. Though the products currently for sale on the site are, to put it mildly, rather lacking, they already have a few ideas for their first random acts of kindness:

  • Pay bridge/road tolls for 100 people behind you.
  • Hand out $10 rolls of quarters to people at a laundrymat.
  • Buy groceries for 10 people in your supermarket line.
  • Distribute free umbrellas to people on a rainy day.

Best of luck to the Cho Brothers on their business venture. As much as the idea is good and the people are good, I just don’t see it working out, but I’m glad they believe enough in kharma and good will to support independent artists, all the while trying to brighten some peoples days.


Author: soultrance

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