America’s Got Talent Winner Bianca Ryan Releases Album

Anyone that has been reading dingoRUE for a while likely knows just how I felt about Bianca Ryan winning America’s Got Talent, though my thoughts on the 12-year-old vocalist were widely unshared. Ryan has since been picked up by Columbia/SYCO Records and is now releasing her debut album today – November 14th.

In an effort to pump up album sales and to get her name back into the media again, Ryan will be making a number of TV appearances.

Find out when and where you can see Bianca Ryan after the jump.

Watch Bianca Ryan on:

  • Ellen DeGeneres Show (November 15th)
  • Today Show (November 16th)
  • Oprah Winfrey Show (November 16th)
  • CW Morning Show (November 17th)
  • Martha Stewart Show (November 20th)
  • Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade (November 23rd)
  • Megan Mullally Show (November 28th)
  • Annual Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center (November 29th)
  • BET’s Patti LaBelle Christmas Special (December 12th)
  • Christmas in Washington (December 13th)
  • Walt Disney Christmas Day Parade (December 25th)

You can also find Ryan accepting a liberty bell and city proclamation on November 13th, which Philadelphia’s Mayor has declared “Bianca Ryan Day,” or performing on her very own float in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade.

To learn more about America’s Got Talent winner and Columbia Records vocalist Bianca Ryan, visit her website at:

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