Weird Vancouver Sightings

I could have been suffering from delusions as a result of not yet having my morning Americano, but I saw the weirdest thing while walking down W 10th to the bus this morning. I could have sworn that I passed Kim Jong-Il walking a shitzu. I had to do a double take to be sure, but I swear it was him. Maybe he’s hiding out in Vancouver now?

I never would have pegged Kim Jong-Il as a Shitzu person, but the more I got to thinking about it while on the bus (yeah, this is what I do in the morning), the more it made sense. The Shitzu is such an ass backwards inbred breed of dog that it would likely be one of the few things to survive a nuclear explosion. What else would Kim Jong-Il look for in a good pet? Its smaller than him, uglier than him and would survive a nuke. Sounds like a pretty reasonable choice to me.

Maybe he’s got more in common with Paris Hilton then one would think?

Author: soultrance

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