The Real Nancy Grace

It’s hard to believe this was actually a skit on Saturday Night Live, I didn’t know they knew how to do anything funny anymore. On the plus side, they managed to capture the crackpot Nancy Grace perfectly.

After you get done watching this one, check out a caller calling Nancy Grace a “big bitch” on live TV.

Author: soultrance

2 thoughts on “The Real Nancy Grace”

  1. Nancy discrace! i mean grace!
    U just can’t bring yourself to admit that U are wrong!. I watch U every night & all i can see is arrogant person! U always need to be right, admit it you are wrong about zimmerman.

    go back to youre hole & stay out of the law buisness

  2. Nancy Disscrace I mean Grace!!
    U are so vein! u will never admit when u are wrong, Zimmerman is justified in the case.
    Go back to your hole and give up law!! u are an ignorant person
    U can’t admit defeat. mark my words zimmerman will walk u need to
    except the facts go home and be a mother & stick with that!.
    Fred Lapierre

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