Reality TV: Big Brother and Rock Star Supernova Finales

Big Brother All Stars:

Don’t forget, tonight is the season finale of Big Brother All Stars! Make sure you tune in to find out who wins! My money’s on Mike Boogie, but you never know.

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother All Stars will be an hour long and should start at 8:00pm EST/PST.

An recap of the Big Brother All Stars Finale will come later tonight after I get done watching all my reality TV shows for the night.

Watch Big Brother All Stars on CBS

Rock Star Supernova:

Tonight’s episode of Rock Star Supernova is also the last performance episode and, though it’s not the season finale (that comes tomorrow), I’m, sure it’s going to pack a punch none the less.

I have the sneaking suspicion that someone is going to get axed by Tommy Lee‘s tommy-hawk tonight. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

A recap of tonights episode of Rock Star Supernova will also come later as well.

Catch Rock Star Supernova on CBS @ 9:00pm EST/PST Tonight!

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