Vancouver Flugtag 2006: Results

Just got back from the Vancouver Flugtag 2006 in False Creek and I have to admit, it was pretty cool. We got there a bit late so we missed the first team and the Red Bull Skydivers but got to see everything else.

A total of 30 teams entered this years Flugtag with a wide variety of cool “flying” devices. Some teams actually designed their machines to attempt to fly, where as others (like Suicide Blonde), based their design on pure coolness. The Suicide Blonde actually tried to launch a giant hairdryer and, of course, went straight down as soon as they got over the edge.

Vancouver Flugtag 2006 Results:

Peoples Choice Award: Ballerz Club Ghetto Club

Third Place: Spadflyer
Second Place: Pirates of Flase Creek (my personal choice for winner)
First Place: The Big Shooter

It was a good time, a great show and the Red Bull Skydivers at the very end were amazing. The speed they dropped in to land was incredible, hard to believe they could control their landings so well at such a speed.

I hope they have one here again next year, cause I’ll certainly be going!

*Pictures to come later*


Music: “Wolfmother” by Wolfmother

Wolfmother - WolfmotherI got my hands on the Wolfmother album entitled “Wolfmother” yesterday, and I have to say, this is by far one of the best albums I have heard in a while.

It’s been a long time since a group has come out trying to be true to the old school golden days of rock sound and Wolfmother most certainly fits the bill. The entire album shows very strong influences from early rock super powers like Led Zeppelin and The Who, as well as some strong ties to modern rock super stars such as The White Stripes.

I listened through the entire album this morning and enjoyed it a great deal. Led Zeppelin, The Who and The White Stripes are some of my favorite rock groups and Wolfmother has just found itself a slot in that group.

I highly reccomend at least giving the album a listen if you haven’t already done so.

Band: Wolfmother
Album: Wolfmother
Album Year: 2006

Cheap and/or Free Vancouver Events: August 19th

Vancouver FlugtagI’ve never been to one of these events myself as there haven’t been any held in Vancouver before, as far as I know, though I hope to get out to check this one this weekend. From my understanding it’s a bunch of different teams that build all manner of “flying” devices and attempt to launch them off a ramp in False Creek. There are lots of cool prizes for the teams that enter and the winner is graded based on distance traveled, creativity and showman ship. From everything I’ve read it looks like it’d be pretty cool. Bonus: It’s free!

Location: Concord Pacific Place (next to Science World on False Creek)
Date: August 19th, 2006
Time: Gates @ Noon, Event @ 2:00pm

Vancouver Zombie Walk – Never been to this either, but seen tons of pictures and it certainly looks interesting. Not entirely sure if there is a purpose to this event or not, other than hundreds of people dressed and acting like zombies lumbering from the Vancouver Art Gallery to god knows where. Bonus: It’s free and it comes with zombies, sweet!

Location: Vancouver Art Gallery (Howe and Robson)
Date: August 19th, 2006
Time: Zombies converge on the Art Gallery at 3:00pm

Opening of the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) – Ever year, apparently, on opening day of the PNE fair grounds, admission is free between 9am and Noon. Keep in mind, this is for the PNE only, and to my knowledge does not include access to the Playland rides. But who needs rides when you have a petting zoo? Bonus: It’s free and it comes with goats, baaaah!

Location: PNE Fairgrounds (Hastings @ Lillooet St – Burnaby)
Date: August 19th, 2006
Time: 9am – Noon (get there early as I’m sure line-up’s will be crazy)

I can’t think of anything else happening in or around Vancouver tomorrow that may be free. I anyone out there can think of anything, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.


International Aids Conference: Wearing condoms a different way

The International Aids Conference in Toronto had quite the interesting fashion show yesterday to promote AIDs awareness and the use and de-stigmatizing of condoms. The fashion show featured women and men of all all ages donning dresses and various other garments made almost exclusively of condoms.

Almost 400,000 condoms have been turned into items such as brooches and pins in numerous countries, including India, Thailand and Senegal, all in the name of spreading awareness of AIDs and safe sex. Over 30,000 pins have been decorated at the conference in Toronto alone.

Read More about the International Aids Conference in Toronto @ Reuters.

America’s Got Talent: Bianca Ryan Wins!

Last night was the 2-hour season finale of America’s Got Talent and, unfortunately, proved to be about as entertaining as the rest of the season (not very, that is).

I had thought it would be worth watching and could prove to be entertaining as the final 10 contestants were a pretty good mix, and believe it or not, a few of the groups involved even had talent, The Millers, Realis and At Last, mainly. But, as usual, the winner was someone that, in my opinion, did not deserve to win at all. Given, she does have a very nice voice and is quite talented for her age, the show is called America’s Got Talent, not American Idol! Why does it seem like every show that involving any kind of talent competition always boils down to a consentrated pile of American Idol knocked off crap. I actually had high hopes for America’s Got Talent and I actually enjoyed the first few episodes, but, just like Treasure Hunters, it’s been nothing but down hill since then.

Congrats to the very talented Bianca Ryan for winning, but don’t expect to hear any celebrating over here. I still think The Millers should have, without a doubt, won it all. That kid can sure rock a harmonica!


Rock Star Supernova: Zayra Eliminated

Praise the Rock gods!

Zayra Alvarez has finally been eliminated from Rock Star Supernova. After being in the bottom 3 numerous times, singing horribly all the time and dressing like a complete whore, the voters and Tommy Lee finally realized just how much she sucks and got rid of her. Good riddance!

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve really been getting into Rock Star Supernova for the last few weeks. Some of the contestants have pretty damn good voices and a few of them would even be wicked to see with Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke and Jason Newsted. Although, my top 2 picks are definitely Dilana Robichaux and Lukas Rossi.

Dilana has a fantastic voice and a stage presence that even comes through strong when watching her on TV, though my only concern with her is that she hasn’t been changing it up that much from show to show.

Lukas, however, does change it up every show and does a wicked job every time. I like when he sings with a gravely style voice, but when he sings some nice clean vocals he’s got a beautiful voice, and when he manages to combine the two together in a single song it turns out wicked. He did a version of Radiohead‘s “Creep” a few shows ago and it was awesome!

I’m actually really looking forward to seeing who wins this show. Of all the Reality TV shows out there right now, this one certainly holds the most appeal for me.


Video: Kris Kristofferson’s “In The News”

I just found a music video and song that has been newly released by Kris Kristofferson entitled “In The News.” The song is, obviously, about all the bad things that have been in the news and happening in the world over the last few years.

The video for “In The News” was also featured on Neil Young‘s website and, being a protest song itself, fits in well with Neil’s most recent album, “Living With War”. It’s also currently sitting at #6 on the Living With War top 300 songs list.

I really liked the song, and the video goes with it very well. Give it a watch, I think it’s certainly worth the few minutes of your time.

Watch Kris Kristofferson’s “In The News” video.

Why I Hate Conservatives

I have never been a particular fan of Conservatives for obvious reasons, at least obvious to anyone that knows me, but what I just read only reenforces my stance on Conservatives.

I will, however, admit, that there are points of the Conservative platform that I do agree, however; all of these points are strictly concerning conservative views and opinions in a financial respect. When it comes to conservative views on morals and ethics, they are so far off the chart it’s bares comprehension.

Yesterday on Fox News (surprise), conservative radio host Mike Gallagher was debating with Fox panelist Michael Gross about whether or not racial, religious or ethnic profiling is the answer to the ever expanding “war on terror.”

Full Transcript:

GROSS: Don’t discriminate based upon race, creed, color, country of national origin.

GALLAGHER: Let’s have a Muslim-only line.

GROSS: What uniform you are wearing. What we want to do is look at behavior. We want to stop people who behave wrongly.

JERRICK: Michael, I think you missed a Mike Gallagher line there. What did you just say about different lines?

GALLAGHER: It’s time to have a Muslims check-point line in American airports and have Muslims be scrutinized. You better believe it. It’s time.

GROSS: Of course, your prejudice, which means to prejudge when you say Muslims or any people of any faith should be treated unequally because of their faith. You are absolutely wrong. Most Arabs are not Muslims. Most Muslims are not Arabs. You don’t have your facts straight. And Mr. Gallagher, how would you feel if we had a line for the Irish which English people were doing during the I.R.A. problems.

I just can’t believe that people are even able to think this way. The complete and utter lack of respect for another race simply based on ethnicity or religion is absurd! Just when I think some psychotic right wing conservative has said something so completely and utterly lacking any form of intelligence that it cannot possibly be topped, some senseless prick goes and tops it.

Somedays I just don’t want to be a part of this world when people like this can openly and freely exist, and even be praised for their thoughts.

Read the Full Story @ Think Progress