Phantom of the Opera!

Phantom of the Opera in 2 hours!

I can’t wait to see this, very excited. It cost about $225 for Chrys and I to get tickets to go see it, but it is so going to be worth it. Row 2 baby!

If I suddenly dissappear of the face of the earth I may have been crushed under a giant chandelier, ha!


R.I.P. Rock Gods

Was watching a show on Much More Music about Heavy Metal and all the influential bands that started the movement like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and I had to get on the ‘puter and put some Zeppelin on.

Zeppelin has been one of my favorite bands for years now and without a doubt is one of, if not, my favorite band ever. Robert Plant is an amazing vocalist and Jimmy Page is one of the best guitarists to have ever picked up a 6 string.

Why does it seem like a lot of the bands and music I love is all gone. All the bands I would like to see the most of any are all broken up, and not just for the ‘we don’t like eachother reason’, for the fact that a key part of the group is dead, like Zeppelin with Robert Plant. Sometimes I wish I would have been born 20 years earlier so I could have experienced some of the best music ever created first hand.

Groups I’d die to see and will never be able to: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Nirvana and numerous punk and post-punk bands that have since disbanded or died out.

R.I.P Jimi, Janis, Robert, Jim and Kurt, thanks for not sticking around, asshats.

dingoRUE Goes Live!

So here is the newest incarnation of my personal blog and photo gallery, welcome to dingoRUE.

The site is obviously just starting out right now as I just got everything setup on the server and I will be tweaking the theme, as well as adding and removing various things for quite sometime to come, I am sure.

dingoRUE is running off of WordPress, which, as far as I’ve seen so far, is pretty damn cool. The install process alone gives me a great deal of faith in WordPress as it was super quick and incredibly easy.

Of course, this site and the server it runs on and everything else that is cool is being so kindly provided to me by Sir. Awesome himself, also better known as Roto, and sometimes even Nate. Nate has been kind enough to give me some space on his server to host this flaming piece of… fantistic-ness, yeah, that’s it. So thank you very much Mr. Nate, it is greatly appreciated, as always.

So, once again, welcome to dingoRUE. Enjoy your stay, as short as it will be since there isn’t anything here yet. 🙂