The Emo Hair Ballad

I couldn’t help but post this. I found it on Gawker and got a good laugh out of it.

This video footage was all taken at last nights MTV VMA‘s, can you see the theme?

Check out the Emo Hair Ballad at Gawker.

WordPress Plugins of Doom

I like doom.

The folks over at have put together a pretty good list of WordPress Plugins and explenation of what each on does. Going through the list earlier today I noticed that I had most of them already, but a few that were on there I don’t have and certainly plan to get.

This is a really good list and covers all the bases of WordPress blogging really. I’ll be grabbing a few more plugins off that list and throwing them into the mix over the weekend.

Check out their site, they could have something listed their that *gasp*, may even be usefull to you! WordPress Plugin List

Vancouver Blogging: Kickin’ It – Long Weekend Style

  • Corinna drops to the ground and nearly praises the lord jesus for… tide to go and purell? The Purell I can understand, being a clean freak transit rider, but the Tide to Go?
  • Yet another Free Vancouver Event that I’ve never heard of before is coming up. That’s right, it’s Davie Day in the West End on September 9th. Not sure what Davie Day is? Don’t worry, neither am I.
  • Stockwell Day, quite possibly the shadiest politician ever to grace beautiful BC, is Prime Minister Steven Harper‘s wing man… Look out Surrey, here we come!
  • Ranters of Vancouver unite! Having a crappy day? Want to throw that religious wack job on the bus, under the bus? Then there is just one thing you can do. Shout it! Shout it! Shout it out loud!
  • Remember Tiananmen Square. Certain world events cannot be forgotten, and this is one of them. Don’t forget!

Enjoy your long weekend folks! Here’s hoping that the sun holds out and Vancouver actually has a sunny labour day weekend for a change!

Vancouver Bands That Rock!

Vancouver is a fantastic city and is home to a vast number of fantastic discovered and undiscovered, as it were, rock bands. Tonight, I feel like shedding some light on a few local bands that I’m a big fan of:

A Spectre Is Haunting Europe – My friend Matt Sheppard, former bass player for Vancouver based Creepy Family, Seventh Image and Caustic Pleasures is the current bass player for the post-punk-goth-rock-indie-mish-mash band A Spectre Is Haunting Europe. The band has released three albums independently or with independent labels and consists of Jean H (Guitar/Vocals), Matt Sheppard (Bass) and Phil Western (Drums). The band is very melodic and has upbeat and down tempo songs, all of which have very well written lyrics and a smooth, almost relaxing sound. Check out A Spectre is Haunting Europe‘s site and MySpace Page.

The Vincent Black Shadow – TVBS is one of my favorite Vancouver Bands and is luckily getting some well deserved attention. The group was signed to a record deal fairly recently and very recently released their debut album, entitle “Fears In The Water”. They have also been touring with the Warped Tour for the past few months and now, having finished that tour, are going to tour Germany. The Vincent Black Shadow consists of beautiful lead singer Cassandra Ford, Robbie Kirkham (guitar), Anthony Kirkham (Drums), Chris Kirkham (Bass) and Mary Ancheta (Keyboards). Their music is rock through and through, and real rock, not the crap they call rock on the radio now-a-days. Check out The Vincent Black Shadow‘s site and MySpace Page.

and of course, I wouldn’t be able to mention Vancouver bands without mentioning my all time favorite Vancouver based band…

Nim Vind (formerly known as Mr. Underhill) – Nim Vind, a.k.a Mr. Underhill, a.k.a Chris Kirkham (yeah, same guy from TVBS, and his brothers are in this band too), is a fantastic singer, wicked guitar and bass player and quite well known in the Vancouver scene. Nim is a goth rock crooner at the very best with the sexy voice to boot. The band is fantastic live, wicked on Vinyl and just great in general. Most recently Nim Vind toured Germany and released their first full-length album entitled “Fashion of Fear” and it’s great. If you enjoy psychobilly, rockabilly, goth rock inspired crooning you will LOVE Nim Vind. At the very least, give their music a listen and, if possible, check them out live, it’s worth every penny. And if you like the music, buy the CD/Record or some gear to help fund this wicked project. I picked up the Vinyl for Fashion of Fear at their last Vancouver show at the Media Club and I love it. Check out the Nim Vind site and their MySpace Page.

That’s that for this round of rockin’ Vancouver Bands. I hope to do this a few more times though. There are a lot of fantastic bands in Vancouver that aren’t nearly as recognized or appreciated as they should be and I can only hope to try and shed some light on these great musicians.

Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” Goes Back To Norway

Norwegian police made the announcement today that two of expressionist artist Edvard Munch‘s masterpieces that were stolen from an Oslo, Norway museum two years ago were recovered and being returned to their home. Yay! Finally.

After being stolen two years ago from a museum in Oslo, Norway, Edvard Munch‘s “Madonna” and “The Scream” were finally found and returned. A Norwegian court laid down sentences of four – eight years for the three men involved and is stating that the theifs must pay $750 Million Kroner ($121 Million dollars) in damages.

Good work guys! I’m a big fan of Edvard Munch and love his work, especially “The Scream.” I am very happy to see these paintings returned to their rightful home in Norway where they can be enjoyed by millions of artist’s and fans for years to come.

Read the story @ Raw Story

Donald Trump Fires Apprentice Co-Star Carolyn Kepcher

Wow! Captain hair-piece himself, Donald Trump, uttered those two immortal words once again today and told The Apprentice co-host Carolyn Kepcher “You’re Fired!”

Apparently the fame of being a part of the hit show The Apprentice went to her head and “she became a prima donna” and “was giving speeches for $25,000 and doing endorsements.”

Looks like The Donald doesn’t like to share his success and fame with anyone, not even the people that helped him make The Apprentice the smash hit it was. Hopefully Ivanka Trump doesn’t let it go to her head as she’s Carolyn Kepcher‘s replacement on the upcoming season of The Apprentice.

Best of luck to Carolyn on speech work, bork work and endorsements, she’s going to have to find another source of income now.

You’re Fired! Ha! Sorry, that’s just to much fun.

Read the story @ New York Post

Big Brother All Stars – Double Elimination: Danielle and Chicken George Evicted

Tonights episode of Big Brother All Stars was pretty intense and was a special double elimination show.

Mike Boogie and Dr. Will have been playing Erika, Janelle and George big time, telling all of them, one after the other, that they were being made honorary members of Chill Town. Yeah right! I cannot BELIEVE how badly this house is getting played by Mike Boogie and Dr. Will, it’s ridiculous.

Mike Boogie and Dr. Will chatted it up with Danielle and told her she was safe and wasn’t going home, though they told almost everyone else exactly the same thing and have been doing so the entire show.

*insert 5 hours of commercials*

The votes are cast:

  • Janelle votes for Danielle
  • Boogie votes for Danielle
  • Will votes for Danielle

3 to 0, Danielle is the first to bite the dust. Good work girly, you played a good game and a smart game, you just got mowed by Chill Town.

*insert another 5 hours of commercials*

House of Household Competition:

Another boring step forward/step back male/female question and answer session, and, surprise of all surprises, Janelle wins the Head of Household and scores 8 out of 8 questions right, winning by default.

*insert YET ANOTHER 5 hours of commercials*

Household Nominations:

  • Chicken George
  • Erika

*believe it or not: insert YET ANOTHER 5 hours of commercials*

Power of Veto Competition:

Big long rope, 2 big knots, untie both knots, grab vito thingy, get it off the rope and hit the buzzer.

Erika and Will are neck and neck until the very end. Neck smashes the buzzer but, awwwww, so sad, he still had the veto symbol attached to the rope. Erika rips it off the rope, smacks the buzzer and Bam! Power ov Veto.

They announce yet another elimination will happen in mere minutes.

Back to the household we go. Erika, of course, pulls herself off the block and Janelle nominates Dr. Will.

*this time we get about 10 hours of commercials insted*

And back we come to the show, no one has had much time to chat but erika and janelle run back on to the screen, so they had a chat.

Votes are cast:

  • Erika votes for Chicken George
  • Will votes for Chicken George

Chicken George is the next person eliminated from Big Brother All Stars.

I’ll miss you georgy! You were my favorite houseguest, you might not have had a snowballs chance in hell in winning and it’s a miracle you got this far, but it was awesome watching you and I’ll miss your antics. Good work buddy!


Hey CBS. The next time you guys pull a double elimination round. EASE UP ON THE DAMN COMMERICALS, my god! There is NO REASON AT ALL to take 3 minutes of comercials, come back for the nomination ceremony for about 1 min and then bump back to another 3 mins of commercials. You ass hats did this like 5 times, it’s absurd! There was more commercial time spent on this show then there was show time, total BS.

Big Brother Goodness:
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Best. Wedding Vows. Ever!

One of the local Vancouver Bloggers got hitched the other day and as I was reading her latest blog entry she posted the wedding vows and I certainly have to say, they had the best vows I have ever seen! Completely original and totally fun. It would have been a riot to actually see two people reciting them. Check ’em out:

Our Vows:

i promise to love, honour and cherish you to the max.
for richer or poorer,
for better or worse,
in sickness and in health,
and on all federal holidays.

in the presence of these people staring at us,
i, your name, take you, other your name,
to be my wife/husband, forever and ever, and ever,
until we die to death.

The Ring Vow:

take this off at your own peril

Check out her pictures and hear how the wedding went at her site:

Once again, Congrats on the wedding!