Web Radio: Vancouver Based Rant Radio Rocks!

The advent of web radio was and still is a fantastic thing. Many a day have I lost myself in the wide variety and eclectic selection of web radio stations while plugging away at the computer.

Rant Radio, now one of the older web radio stations, has been around since 1999/2000 and, though it’s base of operations has moved around, it has always been local to Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. I’ve been a fan of Rant Radio for many years now, since early 2000 to be precise, and it was in the IRC channel associated with the radio station that I first started talking to, my now wife, Chrys. Had it not been for Rant Radio and it’s fantastic selection and rotation of music, I may never have met my wife. Thanks Guys!

Rant Radio has evolved in numerous ways over the past few years and now encompasses an Industrial music station, a Talk station, a Punk station, and even a streaming web tv station known as Rant TV.

What initially drew me to Rant Radio was not only it’s great selection of Industrial music, but a weekly “talk show” that aired every Monday (I think?) night, entitled the “What The Hell Show“, featuring the loud-mouthed, out spoken and entertaining Sean Kennedy, “The Fuckin’ Man”, as he refered to himself.

Rant Radio has developed a very strong fan base and appeals a great deal to the subversive and anti-media enthused people drowning in todays society. A very strong community of people has developed around and because of Rant Radio, and it’s really quite inspiring.

By far one of the best features of Rant Radio, that is an unfortunately rare occurence in todays world, is the fact that it is 100% ad free and relies on fan support. Whatever donations and fan support can cover the cost of, which is not a lot, Rant Radio creator and producer James O’Brien, better known as Cimmerian, pays for out of pocket.

Though having received numerous advertising offers, and even the odd full sponsorship offer since it’s inception, creator and producer James O’Brien refuses to let his station become just like any other and will not allow it to become saturated with advertising and sponsorship, the likes of which has made traditional radio almost unbearable. Rant Radio was started as an ad and sponsorship free station and will remain one as long as it exists.

Check out and support the ad free Vancouver based web radio station, Rant Radio.

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Big Brother All-Stars Elimination: James Gets the Boot

George and James were both nominated for elimination on Tuesday’s episode of Big Brother All-Stars.

The voting begins:

Erika votes to eliminate James.
Dr. Will votes to eliminate James.
Danielle votes to eliminate
Janelle votes to eliminate James.

James is eliminated 3 votes to 1.

James comes out to speak with Chenbot and takes his elimination very well, unlike Howie did last week. Side Note: I never noticed James had a lisp until tonight. James will be joining Howie and Marcellas in the Big Brother All-Stars Sequester House.

James is shown the farewell videos made by the other house guests and Danielle vows to take down the Chill Town alliance for eliminating James.

Head of Household Competition:

The game is entitled “but first” and the house guests begin standing in the middle of a 3 step staircase. The house guests are read 2 events with “but first” seperating them. They must determine if X did or didn’t happen before Y and then step up the stairs for a Yes/True or down the stairs for a No/False.

George and Janelle are knocked out first question.

Will and Danielle are knocked out on the second quetstion.

That makes Erika the new Head of Household.

At the end of the show Chenbot assembles the house guests and has a chat. It is revealed that Chicken George has lost 20lbs on his strict slop diet. The Chenbot also announces that Sundays show will be one weeks worth of shows combined and will see 2 house guests eliminated. Should prove to be interesting.

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Vancouver: Tamarind Closing It’s Doors

I received some rather sad news last night in the form of a press release. A fantastic India restaurant on W. Broadway and Pine know as Tamarind, is closing down. Myself and the wife ordered some delivery from there one night and it was the best Indian food I’ve had in Vancouver. The saddest part is, is that they have sold the restaurant to another person/company/whatever, who wanted control of it right away and who will be changing the entire theme. As such, Tamarind Bistro closes its doors this Sunday, August 27th. If you haven’t given it a shot, go and try it before they close their doors, it’s worth every penny and more!

Oh yeah, they even have an online order form and they deliver for free! Check out Tamarind Bistro. If you’d rather go sit down and enjoy the atmosphere while you enjoy your meal, here’s a map to Tamarind.

Read the sad, sad Press Release after the jump.

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Celebrity Smack! Caption This Contest: Get Your Vote On!

Every week Spicy from Celebrity Smack! has a “caption this” contest where a prize is given to whoever can create the best quote for a picture. I usually throw my quotes in just for fun and this week I am one of the finalists!!!! So far my quote is leading the pack with 33% of the vote!

Head on over to Celebrity Smack! and vote for my quote:

“*sigh* I wonder what Matt & Lance are doing right now.”

Vote Here

While I’m at it, big props to Spicy of Celebrity Smack for running a great blog.

Thanks guys!

Back of the bus, Blacky; Racism Still Alive and Well in the South

It’s hard to believe that things like this can still happen in this day in age, but it looks like Survivor: Cook Islands isn’t the only recent bought of segregation to make the news.

The Shreveport Times reports that a white school bus driver directed 9 black students to move to the back of the bus as the front seats were designated for the white students. Let’s all collectively take a step back about 60 years.

Rightly so the event has outraged the parents of the black students as well as the NAACP, which is NOT a group of people you want to piss off. Parents of the students have filed formal complaints with the school and the NAACP is considering filing formal charges with the U.S. Department of Justice. The NAACP district president of Shreveport, James Panell, is also considering investigating not only the bus incident, but pupil-to-teacher ratio as it relates to number of black and white students, as well as a break down of the number of black and white teachers employed.

This bus driver doesn’t know what kind of shit storm he/she just created for herself, her job and the school she works for. I really do hope the NAACP investigates this and pushes it as hard as possible, this kind of racism is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

Read More @ The Shreveport Times

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Apple Recalls 1.8 Million Laptop Batteries

Hot on the heels of Dell Inc. recalling some 4.1 million lithium-ion batteries for overheating, causing burns and even bursting into flames, Apple announced today that they will also be recalling 1.8 million of their laptop batteries.

In both cases, Dell Inc. and Apple laptops both make use of Sony Corp. manufacturer power cells. How Interesting.

The Apple laptops directly affected by this recall are the iBook G4 and the Powerbook G4. So if you have one of these laptops, make sure you contact Apple about the recall, or you may end up burning a rather crucial part of your body.

Something also worth keeping in mind. The Sony batteries in question here are also being used by a number of other companies in their Laptops. Though I haven’t been able to find a definitive list of the batteries affected. I’ll update later on if I can find one.

Read More @ Reuters


Japan’s Trade Ministry has ordered Sony Inc. and Dell Inc. to collectively investigate the issues and potential dangers of a few million of these faulty batteries. Go Japan!

Read More @ Engadget

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No Planetary Love For Pluto

Roughly 2,500 scientists and astronomers met in Prauge yesterday to make a decision that would quite literally change the face of the universe as we know it.

The majority of scientists voted in favor of stripping Pluto of it’s planetary title, demoting it to a secondary category. Now the universe we have come to know and love has a mere 8 major planetary bodies. Does anyone else feel a little robbed? They better hurry up and find a replacement, slackers. It’s been how long since they found a planet? sheesh. Get to it guys!

One thing that really sucks about this change is that all text books now have to be updated to reflect the universal change of 9 to 8 planetary objects. Anyone thats been through the school system in the last 10 years can tell you just how out-of-date the textbooks are already and I highly doubt this change is going to make it into most textbooks for a good 5 – 10 years, at least if you go by the usual textbook replacement time line.

Along with this change that stripped Pluto of its planetary title, the new definition could see the solar system topping out at nearly 50 planets, as numerous planetary objects now fall into the “planet” definition.

In order for a celestial object to be classified as a planet now, it must comply with the following points:

  • It must orbit the sun.
  • It must be large enough to take a nearly roun shape.
  • It must have cleared it’s orbit of other objects.

Pluto does not fit these guidelines as it’s orbit crosses over the orbit of Neptune. Pluto will now be grouped into a new category defined as Dwarf Planets.

Read More @ BBC News

Rock Star Supernova Update: Patrice Eliminated!

Toby is picked to take to the stage and sing with Supernova. They sing another song from their forth coming album entitled “Be Yourself and 5 Other Cliches”. Toby‘s look, feel and sound seems to fit with the Supernova guys very well and the song is very catchy and certainly has potential to be the first single released on the album.

The interview clinic is shown, focusing on Dilana and her recent excursion into bitchyness and trashing of her fellow contestants. The crowd is not happy with the Dilana‘s answers at all and Dave Navarro is in the same boat, asking Dilana exactly “what the hell” she was thinking. Dilana gives a fluff answer and everyone feels better. Dave ask’s how Ryan feels about Dilana trashing on him and the other house guests and he takes the high road, while getting a few jabs in on Dilana in the process.

The original bottom three is announced again:

Only one other contestant fell into the bottom three during the voting period:

Magni is the first up to defend his spot and he sings “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix while sporting a guitar and rocking out. Jason Newsted and Tommy Lee both LOVED it.

My Thoughts: This song was FANTASTIC. By far the best Magni has done the entire show, possibly even the best song of the show so far. The song was sung and executed perfectly and Magni’s performance was great. I really loved this song, can’t get over how good it was.

Patrice is the second to take to the stage and defend her position. She performs a version of “Middle of the Road” by The Pretenders. Tommy, Gilby, Jason and Dave Navarro don’t get a shot to throw any comments in on the performance.

My Thoughts: The vocals were so-so, as usual, the performance was so-so as usual, the entire thing was only so-so. Patrice doesn’t have a bad voice, but it’s not great and her performances never seem to be attention grabbing. She’s always been a kind of ho-hum contestant.

Toby‘s up next with his shot to defend himself and he does so by singing “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots. No comments from Supernova on this one either.

My Thoughts: Very weak start, was worried it was going to suck and they he picked up his vocals and performance and really rocked it out. Toby is a born performer and does fantastic on stage. He finish the song strong and did well defending his spot.

Supernova is blown away that Toby is even in the bottom three, especially since they thought he was good enough to join them on stage to perform their newest song. Supernova let’s Toby go and sets it’s sights on the remaining two contestants, Magni and Patrice.

After a little group gossip and little to no thought, Tommy Lee drops the axe on Patrice and she becomes the 9th contestant axed from Rock Star Supernova.

Rock Star Supernova Preview:

At the closing of this weeks show it was announced that next weeks should would be a viewers choice show where the viewers get to pick the songs the contestants sing. To make your song selection, go to: rockstar.msn.com

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