No Planetary Love For Pluto

Roughly 2,500 scientists and astronomers met in Prauge yesterday to make a decision that would quite literally change the face of the universe as we know it.

The majority of scientists voted in favor of stripping Pluto of it’s planetary title, demoting it to a secondary category. Now the universe we have come to know and love has a mere 8 major planetary bodies. Does anyone else feel a little robbed? They better hurry up and find a replacement, slackers. It’s been how long since they found a planet? sheesh. Get to it guys!

One thing that really sucks about this change is that all text books now have to be updated to reflect the universal change of 9 to 8 planetary objects. Anyone thats been through the school system in the last 10 years can tell you just how out-of-date the textbooks are already and I highly doubt this change is going to make it into most textbooks for a good 5 – 10 years, at least if you go by the usual textbook replacement time line.

Along with this change that stripped Pluto of its planetary title, the new definition could see the solar system topping out at nearly 50 planets, as numerous planetary objects now fall into the “planet” definition.

In order for a celestial object to be classified as a planet now, it must comply with the following points:

  • It must orbit the sun.
  • It must be large enough to take a nearly roun shape.
  • It must have cleared it’s orbit of other objects.

Pluto does not fit these guidelines as it’s orbit crosses over the orbit of Neptune. Pluto will now be grouped into a new category defined as Dwarf Planets.

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Rock Star Supernova Update: Patrice Eliminated!

Toby is picked to take to the stage and sing with Supernova. They sing another song from their forth coming album entitled “Be Yourself and 5 Other Cliches”. Toby‘s look, feel and sound seems to fit with the Supernova guys very well and the song is very catchy and certainly has potential to be the first single released on the album.

The interview clinic is shown, focusing on Dilana and her recent excursion into bitchyness and trashing of her fellow contestants. The crowd is not happy with the Dilana‘s answers at all and Dave Navarro is in the same boat, asking Dilana exactly “what the hell” she was thinking. Dilana gives a fluff answer and everyone feels better. Dave ask’s how Ryan feels about Dilana trashing on him and the other house guests and he takes the high road, while getting a few jabs in on Dilana in the process.

The original bottom three is announced again:

Only one other contestant fell into the bottom three during the voting period:

Magni is the first up to defend his spot and he sings “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix while sporting a guitar and rocking out. Jason Newsted and Tommy Lee both LOVED it.

My Thoughts: This song was FANTASTIC. By far the best Magni has done the entire show, possibly even the best song of the show so far. The song was sung and executed perfectly and Magni’s performance was great. I really loved this song, can’t get over how good it was.

Patrice is the second to take to the stage and defend her position. She performs a version of “Middle of the Road” by The Pretenders. Tommy, Gilby, Jason and Dave Navarro don’t get a shot to throw any comments in on the performance.

My Thoughts: The vocals were so-so, as usual, the performance was so-so as usual, the entire thing was only so-so. Patrice doesn’t have a bad voice, but it’s not great and her performances never seem to be attention grabbing. She’s always been a kind of ho-hum contestant.

Toby‘s up next with his shot to defend himself and he does so by singing “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots. No comments from Supernova on this one either.

My Thoughts: Very weak start, was worried it was going to suck and they he picked up his vocals and performance and really rocked it out. Toby is a born performer and does fantastic on stage. He finish the song strong and did well defending his spot.

Supernova is blown away that Toby is even in the bottom three, especially since they thought he was good enough to join them on stage to perform their newest song. Supernova let’s Toby go and sets it’s sights on the remaining two contestants, Magni and Patrice.

After a little group gossip and little to no thought, Tommy Lee drops the axe on Patrice and she becomes the 9th contestant axed from Rock Star Supernova.

Rock Star Supernova Preview:

At the closing of this weeks show it was announced that next weeks should would be a viewers choice show where the viewers get to pick the songs the contestants sing. To make your song selection, go to:

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Reality TV: Survivor Cook Islands features Segregated Teams

The geniuses at CBS have decided that the usual hype created over a new season of Survivor just isn’t good enough, so they had to change it up a bit for the Cook Islands addition. Apparently the newest addition of Survivor is going to feature 4 tribes, just like the last Survivor did, only these four tribes won’t be your average every day tribes, these four tribes are going to be created based on the race of the contestants. CBS made the official announced stating that the tribes for Survivor Cook Islands will be The African-American Tribe, The Asian-American Tribe, The Hispanic Tribe, and the kicker, The WHITE Tribe. I guess no one at CBS has ever heard of the word Caucasian? If you’re going to keep it as PC as possible, keep it PC across the board.

The best part though, get this, is that during an interview on The Today Show this morning, Survivor Host Jeff Probst said that the idea for a segregated survivor “actually came from the criticism that ‘Survivor’ was not ethnically diverse enough.” Does that just not sound right to anyone else? For some reason hearing the words “ethnically diverse” after stating that the show would feature segregated teams just doesn’t fit with me.

One thing is for sure, the fools at CBS certainly switched it up a bit to increase the PR for the newest season of Survivor, and boy did they achieve that goal, though they certainly didn’t do it in a very tasteful way. Then again, when have mass conglomorated TV networks EVER worried about being tasteful.

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Paris Hilton is a Phreak!

Remember back a few weeks/months ago when the news was filled with stories and allegations of Paris Hilton breaking into Lindsay Lohans phone and sending text messages to various people? Well, this fact has yet to be officially confirmed, but it is certainly looking a lot more likely.

“SpoofCard announced today that it had terminated the accounts of more than 50 customers, including Paris Hilton, who they claim used the SpoofCard service to obtain unauthorized access to voice mail accounts on a national mobile telephone network. Many of the terminated customers and the victims whose mailboxes were accessed are well-known celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan.”

TMZ spoke with SpoofCard attorney Mark Del Bianco and he stated that “Paris was entering unauthorized [voice] mail boxes.” When asked about Lindsay, he told us, “A number of the 50 persons [who were canceled by Spoofcard] were making unauthorized entrances to Miss Lohan’s voice mail.” A source close to the scandal also told TMZ that Nicky Hilton and Paris’ ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos may have been involved.”

Who would have guessed it? The world’s single most hated bleached blonde bimbo is a phreaker… well, sorta.

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Paramount Pictures Reenacts Tom Cruise’s Career: “Flush!”

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 Paramount Pictures publicly announced that they are severing all ties with Tom Cruise and his production company, Wagner Productions.

Even though Tom Cruise‘s last seven films have grossed more than $100 million, Paramount Pictures and parent company, Viacom Inc., have decided to part ways with the increasingly crazed superstar. Sumner Redstone, Chairman of the Board at Viacom Inc., said Tom Cruise’s “recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount.” Finally someone has recognized Tom’s recent decent into Scientology induced insanity.

In the recent year Tom has jumped on Oprah‘s couch like a madman, professing his recently aquired love for Katie Holmes, written off postpartum depression and the use of antidepressants for treatment as a dietary problem and, allegedly, given birth (with wife Katie Holmes’ help) of course, to the mysterious baby Suri Cruise, who’s very existance is still being questioned. Let’s face it, Cruise has been anything but a balanced individual over the past year.

It’s no wonder Paramount, Viacom and Sumner Redstone collectively decided to flush him and his sinking career straight down the toilet. It’s actually rather surprising that it took them this long to make the decision, especially with the less than fantastic box office numbers brought in by Tom’s most recent work, Missions Impossible III.

Hopefully Viacom and Paramount dropping Tom Cruise from their roster will finally see a drop in the flow of so called “news” coming from the Cruise household. Although, with the illusive Suri Cruise supposedly waiting in the weeds for just the right opportunity to appear on the cover of People Magazine, US Weekly or any number of other magazines, I have the feeling we’re not free of the Cruise family just yet.

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Rock Star Supernova Update

Patrice gets one of the original song selections and plays guitar to accompany it. Dave Navarro says he likes it, but she’d be better suited to solo work if that’s the kind of thing she’d like to sing. Tommy Lee says it’s a little happy for them [Supernova], but it could be slowed down, made heavier and could work. And I missed what Jason Newsted said because I was busy typing this. 😛

My Thoughts: I didn’t dig it. Patrice’s voice just isn’t strong enough and it wasn’t that impressive.

Magni sings Nirvana‘s classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. The crowd digs it, as usual, and Tommy seems to be getting into it pretty well too. Dave says he did an awesome job vocally and that Magni has great angst for his performances. Jason enjoyed it a lot and said the energy in the crowd was fantastic. Tommy asks why Magni didn’t use the guitar on this song and points out the fact that just because he picks up the guitar doesn’t mean he has to be stiff. Dave says he wants to see something broke up there this season.

My Thoughts: Not bad, but not great. It’s hard to cover a Nirvana song and it wasn’t that great a cover, not the right voice for it.

Ryan gets to sing the second original of the night entitled “back of your car” (I think?). Half way through the performance Ryan throws his guitar aside and rocks out on the mic. Dave wonders where the hell this Ryan came from and that it’s the most rocking he’s seen him. Dave asks what the hell happened to him and he responds, “I got laid dave!”. Tommy said it was the most comfortable he’s ever been on stage. Gilby Clarke says it was his best performance yet and that’s saying something with how good he’s been doing lately.

My Thoughts: I liked it. I haven’t been a big fan of Ryan, but he rocked it out tonight and did a good job, good work man.

Storm takes the stage to sing “Cryin'” by Aerosmith. The crowds loving it, of course, and Tommy’s singing along. Dave said it was “awesome” and “you did great” and said that singing this well is why he hated last weeks song so much. Dave tells her to take the corset off and she tells dave to “come over and take it, bitch!”. Gilby says it was good but he’s looking for something special. Jason says he really liked how she took the song and made it her own song.

My Thoughts: She completely rocked it. I didn’t think she’d be able to rock it but she did and she did it damn well. Very impressed with Storm this week.

Dilana steps up on stage and sings “Every Breathe You Take” by The Police. She’s looking sexy as always but the huge fake eye-lashes are not doing it for me at all. Supernova doesn’t look to be digging it to much, though Gilby’s swaying to the beat pretty well. Dave says he likes the eye-lashes (ug!). Gilby compliments her instincts and says she knows what to do no matter what kind of song she sings. Dave says she did a great job with the song. Jason wants to know why she was willing to run around naked to get this song and Dilana says its cause she hasn’t spoken to her mom in years and the song reminds her of her mother.

My Thoughts: Not bad, certainly not her best, I like her heavier stuff much better.

Toby takes to the stage to sing “Layla” by Eric Clapton. He’s belting out the chorus something fierce and the crowd is really digging it. Oh, off comes the shirt and into the crowd he goes, coming up with the other contestants and getting them all to stand up and spur on the crowd. Dave asks what the EVS written on his stomach stands for, toby says Aussie for “whatever!”. Dave also says he rocked it and he loved it. Tommy speaks for the ladies and says he’s sure they loved the performance, loud cheers follow, naturally. Gilby says he’s not a big fan of the change to the arrangement, but totally loved the performance.

My Thoughts: Certainly not his best vocal, but Gilby was dead on when he said the performance was great. One of the better performances of the season thus far. Even though the vocals lacked a bit for me too, the performance put it through the roof.

Lukas, last to take the stage, sings “All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers. LOL, Lukas stopped to fix his hair in the reflection of the guitarists guitar, Tommy seemed to get as big a kick out of that as I did. Dave says it was unbelievable, great job! Tommy says, two word “check please!”. Gilby says great job, but asks why Lukas turns his back to them so much and faces the band. Lukas says it’s because he wants to rock out and appreciate his band, not just the crowd.

My Thoughts: I love the original version of the song and I didn’t really dig this version. I’m a big Lukas fan and am sad to admit that I just didn’t feel it on this song. And, I agree with Gilby again, I don’t like him turning his back to the crowd, especially since the last time he did it he said it was because he had forgot the lyrics, bad move man.


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Big Brother Update

Mike Boogie holds the head of household (HOH) and nominated James and Janelle for elimination.

Janelle and Erika are the final two in the Power of Vito (POV) competition where Janelle makes a great grab and knocks James out. Janelle wins the POV.

Janelle, of course, takes herself off the chopping block and Mike Boogie puts Chicken George up in her place.

It’s down to Chicken George and James for thursdays Big Brother elimination ceremony and thus far, all signs point to James being eliminated, but in this game, you never know what’ll happen next.

Now, on to Rock Star Supernova. I will update everyone on Rock Star as soon as I finish watching it.


2006 Bats Day in the Fun Park at Disney Land

Though this is the first I have ever heard of it, apparently the Bats Day in the Fun Park event is an annual occurrence, this year being the 8th occurrence of the event. Crowds of black clad goths and wannabe’s alike took over Disney Land California for a day of fun, food and rides over the weekend.

The Bats Day in the Fun Park event consists of 4 separate events:

Bats Day Black Market:
An event similar to the Vancouver and Richmond Night Market, only much smaller in scale, featuring roughly 50 vendors geared completely towards the goth, industrial and death rock communities.

Bats Day Creepy Cocktail Party:
A catered cocktail party which features live entertainment such as DJ’s, dancing and a number of other surprises.

Nightmare Before Bats Day – Dinner Meet and Greet:
Unlike the Creepy Cocktail Party, this is the real deal, an entire sit down meet and greet style dinner with live entertainment, DJ’s, dancing, the official Bats Day Raffle and the passing out of a limited edition “Nightmare before bats day” keepsake.

Bats Day Fun in the Park:
The main event, the coup de grace, as it were, where the gaggle of goths assemble and take Disney Land California by storm.

It is really quite awesome to see a city and group of people as dedicated to their goth, industrial and death rock cultures, communities and lifestyles as these people are. I can only wish that the Vancouver Goth scene will someday be as well organized and productive.

My hat is off to the Bats Day group of California, you guys to fantastic work.


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