Big Brother Update: Will Eliminated!!!

Mike Boggie holds the HOH power going into tonight episode.

The former houseguests that were recently booted out and enjoying the costal vista of the sequester house got kicked out of that house too and sent to the Jury house. Looks like the Sequester house was in the path of a tropical storm/potential hurricane, sucks to be them.

Marcells and Howie are screaming and yelling and bitching and whining and crying and hissing at eachother, as usual. Howie really is a friggin’ whiney moron.

Danielle joins the crew in the Jury House to everyone’s amazement and while chatting it up and drinking wine in the kitchen Chicken George sneaks in the back door. Jedi numb nuts Howie flys off the handle and goes batty on Chicken George, yelling and screaming at him, calling him a fat ass and various other infantile things. What an idiot. That was the first time I’ve seen chicken george some what mad, it was surprising, but totally justified.

Back to the Big Brother house we go.

Erika doesn’t trust chill town at all and has finally seemed to realized she is getting played big time and makes her move to end the crazyness.

Dr. Will and Janelle sleep in the same bed for the first time this season where Janelletells Dr. Will that she has a showmance with him. Fools.

Power of Veto Competition:

The houseguests have to dig through goo finding pictures of former houseguests and throwing them on a star shaped board next to questions related to those guests. There are lots of ways to put the pics on, but only one specific order is correct.

Guess who wins? Yup, Janelle wins the Power of Veto yet again! That girl rocks the competitions.

Janelle and Erika chat and Erika is quite obviously fighting for her life as she knows they’re all after her next. She makes a promise on her mothers name that she won’t take Mike Boogie to the final two, but will take Janelle instead. The girls chat and chat and discuss what Chill Town has told both of them and finally look to be ready to gang up on the boys. Yay! Finally.

Eviction Ceremony:

Janelle, naturally, pulls herself on the block and Mike Boogie is forced to utter words he had hoped never to have to utter, putting Dr. Will up on the block in her place.

Janelle casts her vote and bam! Dr Will Is ELIMINATED! Finally!

Final Head of Household Competition:

All 3 houseguests must stand on the side of a volcanoe holding onto a key as long as possible. Boogie does the dumbest thing possible and jumps off the volcanoe, saying the two girls can’t take eachother, one of them HAS to take him. Bold move buddy, that’s gonna bite you in the ass.

The kicker is, Janelle took her hand off the key when boogie jumped off to turn and watch him stomp off and she was eliminated. Erika is the winner of Part one of the elimination challenge and gets a buy through the second round. The second round will happen Thursday and will pit Janelle against Boogie.

Final Eviction is Thursday, Sept 7th, 2006. Then after that, it’s all down to the Big Brother All Stars Season Finale on Sept. 12th, 2006.

Stay Tuned…

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Suri Cruise Pictures Released!

suri cruise pictureWell, well, well, look who finally decided to show their face. Today the first set of believable pictures of Suri Cruise were released and have been spreading through the blogging community like wild fire. These ones look to be the real thing as they even include Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in the pictures.

I’m actually really disappointed to see these pictures being released, I even have to admit that Suri Cruise is actually kind of cute, and not at all the monster-zombie-alien-brain-eating-scientology-slinging creature I had expected and hoped for. I wonder why Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes waited so long to released pics is she’s this cute. One this is for sure, Vanity Fair has got to be super pissed these got leaked before the magazine came out, so much for premiering the pictures before anyone else. Sounds kind of familiar, can you say Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt style screw up?

Anyways, check out the Suri Cruise Pictures over at popsugar.

Rock Star Supernova Song Selection

Tonight song selection episode was pretty neat and featured an all out food fight, pool party and Storm willing running around the pool and diving in topless, she didn’t even do it to get a certain song, just for the hell of it. Naturally, the guys loved it.

This episode also featured a song writing clinic hosted by the ony and only Gilby Clarke. All of the musicians listened to the music for a new Supernova song and were required to write their own lyrics to the song.

Gilby Clarke sat down with Magni, let him sing the lyrics and wasn’t impressed at all. He was very disappointed with Magni‘s effort and Magni didn’t even come up with a title for the song. Gilby dubed the song “Camoflauge”.

Lukas came into this thing fairly half assed, though the half of his ass that came into it was really good. He had only written the first verse and chorus, so he was missing the second verse and Gilby had to help him write it. Even though Gilby had to help him write the second verse, he really liked what Lukas had as a base.

Gilby loved Toby‘s version and said it he had a much needed “fresh, young approach” and that his song was the “most complete” so far. It was pretty good, I look forward to hearing it.

Dilana had another rough time with this one, she even admitted that she came into the show expecting to be a singer and not a writer and that her writing isn’t very strong. Gilby agreed whole heartedly and called what she had written “cliche” and “predictable”. Things have not been going good for Dilana over the last little while. I have to admit, I’m getting worried.

I flicked back to Rock Star Supernova just as Storm Large was finishing her session with Gilby, so I have no info on her. Sorry guys. 🙁

Supernova also makes the announcement that the singers will be doing a full set on tomorrow’s show and will have to come up with ways of entertaining the crowd between songs. They’ll be performing their usual song selections for sure, and may even each get a shot to perform their version of the Supernova song, I’m not entirely sure on that though. If that’s not the case, likely the best lyricist will get to perform their version with Supernova.

Song Selection:

  • Lukas will be singing “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi.
  • Storm will be singing “(Not Fucking) Lady Like” by Storm Large (an original).
  • Dilana will be singing “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who.

I unfortunately didn’t catch what Magni or Toby would be singing either, though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t mentioned. They were to busy trying to hype the fact that Lukas and Dilana were fighting over “Behind Blue Eyes” and Magni goating Lukas into taking the Bon Jovi song.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap of the regular show and to see who is eliminated from Rock Star Supernova next!

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Kitty Equipt

Our New KittyWe are ready to rock for captain kitty. We’re probably picking him up Wednesday during the day. The adoption centre is only open 12 – 3 of all stupid hours, so I have to take a half day at work to go pick up the kitty. We went out today and picked up the last few things we needed to get prepped.

Kitty Supplies:

  • Litter Box – CHECK
  • Litter – CHECK
  • Poop Scooper – CHECK
  • Liter Box Liners – CHECK
  • 4 Bags of Senior Cat Food – CHECK (it was on sale for like, $2 and it’s usually $11)
  • Kitty Food Scoop – CHECK
  • Kitty Brush – CHECK
  • Food and Water Dish – CHECK
  • Cat Carrier – CHECK
  • Cat Collar – CHECK
  • Toys – CHECK
  • Scratching Post/Cat Tree – CHECK
  • Nature’s Miracle Cleaning Stuff – CHECK

I think that’s everything. If not, we’ve got all the basics and then some ready for him, now all we need is him. We’re still deciding on a name too. His name at the West Vancouver SPCA is Felix, which I like, but he doesn’t respond too. If we got a male cat I wanted to call it Napolean, but he doesn’t fit a Napolean. The one floating around chrys and I’s minds right now is Rube. She likes Higgins too, but I’m not a big fan of that. This is harder then naming a kid. We already have kids names picked out for whenever that day, years and years down the road, should come. 🙂

Um, so yeah, we’re all set for Mr. Kitty. I just hope he doesn’t freak out to much on the trip home. We have to bring him home on the bus cause we don’t have a car or drive, so it’s going to mean 30 mins or so of bussing hell for poor mr kitty. He should be okay once we get him home and he gets to sniff everything and get settled in. Everything is all setup and just waiting for him to be here, so hopefully all goes well.

Support the West Vancouver SPCA.
Support the Vancouver SPCA.

RIP Steve Irwin

The animal world and its supporters lost a great guy today. Steve Irwin, better known to the world as the “Crocodile Hunter“, was killed after being stung in the chest by a stingray off the northern costa of Australia.

Steve Irwin was filming yet another marine documentary when he was stung by a stingray, which sent a barb through his chest, close to his heart. The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was the director of the Australian Zoo in Queensland and is survived by his american born wife Terri and their two children, Bindi Sue and Robert.

R.I.P. Steve, you dedicated your entire life to the animal kingdom and you’ve brought a great deal of awareness to the world through your crazy ways, you will be missed and your work will not be forgotten.

Read more @ CNN

Big Brother Update

Big Brother All Stars Final 4:

  • Janelle
  • Erika
  • Mike Boogie
  • Dr. Will

Head of Household Competition:

Everyone gets dressed up in Referee’s outfits and takes to the backyard for the Big Brother bowl. The houseguests get grilled with questions asking them the specific date certain things happened in the Big Brother house. For every day they are off in their guess they must step back 1 yard on the football field.

After all is said and done Mike Boogie comes out the winner and Dr. Will pours gatorade/water all over him.

Shortly after the HOH competition ends a drunken jacuzzi party breaks out. Somehow the conversation revolves around Boogie and Erika having a baby and Dr. Will delivering the baby. The conversation also takes a turn for Dr Will and Janelle getting hitched in a cheesy Vegas wedding. Which also leads to Janelle and Will getting in a drunken fight and will calling Janelle “psycho”. Naturally Will gets nervous and starts to wonder if Janelle would put him up or not, but after some smooth talking, Will gets himself out of hot water yet again. Although Erika just happened to be listening to every word outside the door until Boogie came and gave her away.

Head of Household Nominations:

Boogie brings the HOH keys out to everyone and pulls out the only key in the holder, naturally, it’s Wills. As such, Erika and Janelle are both up for elimination this week. This could get very interesting, very quickly.

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New Kitty of Doomy Dooooom!

Our New KittyChrys and I went to the West Vancouver SPCA today to do some further hunting for the perfect kitty, and we found him! Hit name, at the moment, is Felix and he’s an old feller, but a lovey cat. We walked into the shelter and the cats have 3 seperate indoor sections with all their sleeping spots that all connect to a big courtyard for them to walk around and play in. Chrys and I both really liked the design of this place, much better for the cats, they’re not just stuck in little cages like they are at the Vancouver SPCA.

So, we walked into one of the rooms and Bam! Felix was on us right away, talking with us and giving the rubs and loves. We also found another cat we absolutely loved, a 2 year old Siamese Something X that was in Torti colors, so loving and just gorgeus, but she will be adopted right away with how pretty and love she is, so chrys and I decided to get Felix instead. Felix has been in the West Vancouver SPCA since March, so he’s been there for 6 months, and he’s 11 years old, so he’s and old timer and the chance of many people adopting a kitty that old are pretty slim. We fell in love with him right away though, so we had to get him. It was a really hard choice between him and Roxanne, but Felix’s age actually play to his advantage.

We haven’t brought him home yet cause we have to pay the landlord our pet deposit and he’s a brand new guy and has to wait until Tuesday when he gets shown how to do all this stuff. After we get our pet deposit paid we’ll be ready to go pick him up from the West Vancouver SPCA and bring him to his new home. We bought a litter box yesterday and today we got kitty litter, senior cat food, a kitty carrier and some food and water dishes, so all we need for Felix is a collar, some toys and a scratching post/play area thingy.

I’m so stoked about getting a kitty! I can’t wait! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Chrys and I did taken some pictures of him at the shelter, though most of them turned out really crappy, but if you’d like to see our new kitty, check out the pictures here.

Kitty Hunt

Chrys and I spent the day out Kitty hunting today.

First stop on the trip was the Vancouver SPCA shelter. They had the kitty there we’ve been looking at online for a long time. Gorgeous cat but we just didn’t click with it. We hung out with a few other kitties and were about to leave, but chrys convinced me to go back and see one I really liked again. His name is Suave and he’s not super mega pretty or anything, but he’s a cute orange kitty and we took him into the private room to have a play with him. He was out of his little house running around, cuddling and playing with chrys and I right away. Completely clicked right away with Suave, he was great and I wanted to take him home really badly. We went to the front desk to get more info on him and it turns out he’s 14 years old. Chrys and I were hoping for a 2 – 6 or so year old cat, so 14 was a tad bit higher then we wanted. It was hard to leave without him cause I love him, but now we’re considering fostering him instead so the Vancouver SPCA can free up a spot for another younger kitty that’s more likely to be adopted. We’re going to give them a call again tomorrow to see if it’s possible to foster him. I sure hope so.

After spending 2 1/2 hrs or more at the Vancouver SPCA we headed into Kits as Chrys was convinced that a Petcetera was supposed to be around Arbutus and Cornwall, so we walked all around the area, found nothing, asked people, they knew nothing, then I finally gave up, called 411 and it turns out the Petcetera we were looking for is at Arbutust and King Edward… which is slightly further away, by around 40 blocks or so. We hopped bus and headed out. Finally got there and they only had 3 kitties left for adoption, 2 that were adopted waiting to get picked up and 3 that were gone and adopted out earlier in the day. Chrys found one she really liked there but it just didn’t click for me, so the Petcetera kitty trip wasn’t a success, though it wasn’t a waste of time either as we got a cool litter box and scooper for when we do get a kitty. So we’re semi-prepared now. 🙂

Tomorro we were going to go to the Vancouver Flea Market, but I changed our minds (hehe) and we’re gonna be doing more kitty hunting. Going to hit the Petcetera on Rupert and Grandview Hwy and possibly the Richmond SPCA, as well as talk to the Vancouver SPCA folks again about fostering Suave.

We’re very close to getting a kitty, within the next 3 weeks at the most we should have a brand new family member, yay!