Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 13

Ben used his hidden immunity idol to prevent himself from being sent home at the hands of the entire rest of the tribe in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 12. With the sole vote that counted, he sent someone who was his closest ally until about that same day home, as Lauren went from one of the most powerful people in the game to a resident of Ponderosa.

He said his plan was to get everybody to turn against him so that he could be the deciding vote. The problem with that theory is that now he’s back at camp after having pulled off a big move… and everybody is still against him.

For the reward challenge, they are tied together in pairs and will have to go through obstacles and toss rings. Reward is a helicopter trip to a private resort. The teams are Ben and Ashley, Chrissy and Devon, and Ryan and Mike. I think we can count out that last pair. Ashley and Ben have the lead most of the time, but Chrissy and Devon make it a close race. Devon takes the lead on the rings. Mike and Ryan seemed hopeless, but Mike is actually the second person to land a ring. Devon makes it 2-1. Ben scores 3 in a row. Then Ryan scores. Devon makes it 4-3-2. Devon and Chrissy win reward. The diplomatic thing would be to pick someone from the second place team to go with them. Instead, they pick Ryan, and Ashley makes it clear she is upset. Mike is also mad, but he is less obvious about it, not saying anything after making a face that Probst points out.

Mike could have a chance to try to work with Ben, but he makes it clear he’s not interested. So then Ben approaches Ashley, who doesn’t want to talk to him either.

Meanwhile, the other three are getting along much better, and they form an alliance that for a change seems like it may be genuine. Still, there is an ulterior motive. Chrissy wants to join Devon so she can get rid of his original ally Ashley.

For the immunity challenge, they race through obstacles to a sack of sandbags, untie and toss a bag into a basket, latch a target with a monkeyfist, and solve a cog puzzle. None of the obstacles provides anyone much of an advantage. Chrissy wins immunity.

The easy move is Ben. Worried that he has another idol, they propose a split vote. It wouldn’t take many people to flip for that to backfire.

Chrissy becomes very vocal about wanting to get rid of Ashley before Ben. Her justification is they’ll have another shot at him.

Will they really? Ben finds an idol clue, and it is very clear. The idol is taped under the shelter. He’ll need to wait for when nobody is watching, but we are not let in on whether he actually gets it. I don’t suspect it’s as difficult as they paint it to be.

Always the dramatic one, Ben pulls out an idol and puts it around his neck during the middle of Tribal Council. Then he points to Mike and tells them to vote for him. To put an end to any speculation, he hands the idol to Jeff. This is not normal, but there is technically no need to wait for the vote to do any of this.


With 4 votes, Ashley is voted off the island. Chrissy got exactly what she wanted.

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Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 12

People’s hatred for Joe finally reached its conclusion in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Episode 11 after they got rid of him.

Chrissy tries to get an explanation about what just happened, but that’s not going to happen because Ben just wants to walk all over her.

The reward challenge will be played with their loved ones. It’s not so much a challenge as literal dumb luck. Pull matching marbles out of bags. Ben and his wife are the first to match, and Chrissy and her husband are the only other pair to match. Ben does not match, but Chrissy does. Chrissy will return to camp with her husband. She picks Ryan and his dad to join them. Her next pick is Mike and his wife. Lastly, Ashley and her dad.

Very blatant strategic decisions. She chose the two people who were outcast with her, along with the person she thinks she can sway most easily.

Ben makes and hides a fake immunity idol. Lauren takes issue with what she considers his personal crusade against Chrissy rather than something that will actually help anyone. As they are planting the fake idol, Lauren finds half the real idol and lets them know. She will need to find the other half at the challenge.

For the immunity challenge, they will stretch their arms out and hold up wooden discs with their fingers. They are almost all visibly struggling after 15 minutes. Ben is the first to drop. Chrissy is right behind him, followed by Ryan. Then Lauren noticeably throws it, sitting down to pick up the other half of her idol. The remaining three last half an hour. Mike drops. Devon openly talks about how close he is with Ashley and so it doesn’t matter which of them wins. He drops, and Ashley wins immunity.

Ashley continues to talk about how Ben needs to go, and the fact that she hasn’t done very much in this game gives her even more reason than just him being a threat. He catches them talking about him (sort of), which sends him scrambling, warning the others about Lauren’s advantage. For this to work, Ben and Chrissy, who have been at each other’s throats for the past couple of days, need to trust each other.

Mike has a plan B. He warns everybody on the other side that Ben is talking about them. To earn Mike’s trust, Lauren gives him half of her idol.

At Tribal Council, everything comes out. Everybody knows everything anyway. Ben pulls out his fake idol and puts it on display. In response, Mike takes his half of Lauren’s real idol and tosses it in the fire, making her half that she has left worthless.

This is a live vote. People are discussing whether they should get rid of Ben or Lauren, and nobody is fooled by that fact. Ben will make the decision a little easier. He plays his idol, which he told nobody about, and thus nobody could sabotage him and blab about it to everybody.

Ben (does not count)
Ben (does not count)
Ben (does not count)
Ben (does not count)
Ben (does not count)
Ben (does not count)

The otherwise unanimous vote is thrown off by a hidden idol. With 1 vote, Lauren has been voted off the island. She could have saved herself, but she threw away her idol. That seemed to come out of nowhere. I expected Ben to turn on the others, but I didn’t see him going so hard for the person who seemed to be his closest ally.

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