Big Brother Season 19 Episode 16

Jessica’s nominations blew up in her face as expected in Big Brother 19 Episode 15, as Ramses was evicted to end a pointless week.

Paul doesn’t believe Jessica’s threat. If she could really save herself, why didn’t she use it last week? The answer is obvious. She knew she wasn’t going home. To be fair, this could all just be a bluff.

Now we are treated to a Josh being obnoxious montage. Footage that could be taken from any time he opens his mouth. Most of his houseguests find this hilarious. Wait until it happens to them.

Paul’s decided that Jessica doesn’t really have any power, so he should nominate her and flush it out if she really does. Of course, she can’t use the power until eviction night, making him feel successful all week until he realizes that it was another pointless week.

After last week, Elena has realized that she may be on a sinking ship. I don’t think abandoning ship will help her cause, but that’s what she seems to be doing.

Players will now decide whether they want to participate in the first temptation competition. This is an interesting concept because you only get any punishment or reward if you take the risk. Jason, Mark, Matt, and Alex are the competitors. Cody did not join in because Jessica told him he couldn’t. On the contrary, Matt only joined because Paul told him to. Not a lot of challengers to offer a buffer from that guaranteed nomination.

The competition requires them to knock down bowling pins, which they can try for 15 seconds after every 15 spins. Jason finishes in 3:37, unlikely to remain the leader. Alex easily beats him with 1:39. Mark gets 1:18 to take the lead. Matt finishes in 2:35.

Mark is safe this week, blowing a hole in Paul’s plan B. Jason, who was never in any danger otherwise, placed last and is now the third nominee.

Jessica wants to kick the can down the road to next week, but she is not doing a good job of explaining to Paul why he should not nominate her.

Alex volunteers to be a pawn if they need one, which is rejected by others. Another volunteer is Matt, who already almost ended up on the block once by volunteering to try to help in the competition.


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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 15

After winning the power of veto in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 14, Jessica was given one more chance to change her mind and nominate someone worthwhile but decided not to do so. That leaves Josh, who has despised multiple people from day one, on the block up against Jessica’s pawn, Ramses. The problem with that theory is that she never got confirmation before nominations that she had the votes to keep him, and before the veto ceremony, she still received no positive feedback that he would stay. Nobody even tried to lie to her in a convincing way.

This is Big Brother 101. We learned this in the very first eviction ceremony that ever happened. Nominate people that you actually want to get rid of. Pawns do go home. Even if you have a specific target, at least put them up against someone else you wouldn’t mind eliminating, particularly if your gut is screaming at you that you are making a mistake.

Paul is sure he’s got the votes lined up. He has talked to seven people to confirm. He’s not going to bother letting Mark and Elena know, though, because he’s convinced they have rekindled their alliance. Even if they haven’t, he’s going to give them a reason to do so. Mark has decided that he’ll trust them, but Cody says he is just pretending to work with him. So basically no change in strategy since he was kicked out. Just pretending to work with everybody still so that he can one day blindside them all.

Adding to Paul’s already established concerns, Mark tells Paul that he hates the way two people, a pair, are playing the game. No names, but Paul assumes this to mean Matt and Raven, a reasonable assumption.

Considering these numbers, Ramses needs to line up two additional votes. Kevin is unpredictable, but he and Jason could be the swing. Alex was Ramses’ ally on day one, but she’s in Paul’s back pocket now.

Jessica has been quiet so far, but she tells Kevin about her temptation. That suggests she trusts him more than most, and he feels the same way. He warns her that people are trying to flip on her. He tells her that it doesn’t matter because of her temptation, but I would expect her to keep that to save herself or Cody. She blames the person that everybody always blames, Paul. Accurate and the theme of the season so far, but she had the chance to take a shot.

Cody’s strategy is to go to important votes like Jason and threaten them.

Cody: Josh
Jason: Ramses
Alex: Ramses
Mark: Josh
Elena: Josh
Kevin: Ramses
Matt: Ramses
Raven: Ramses
Christmas: Ramses
Paul: Ramses

By a vote of 7-3, Ramses has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Such a bad HOH. Maybe Cody and Jessica should stop winning power because they suck at it. Still, I think they are in a stronger position than they were a week ago, but this result didn’t help them.

The memory wall is filled with houseguests covered in tattoos. These photos will be used in the HOH competition. Elena is the only one to get the first question incorrect. Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, and Josh are eliminated on the second question. Nobody is incorrect on the next question or the one after that. Christmas and Jason are eliminated next. Matt and Raven are the last to fall. Paul wins HOH.

Just letting other idiots do his dirty work has been working until now, so this seems unnecessary, but I would assume he’s going to take a swing back at Cody again. We may be in for just a wasted week.

Speaking of Jessica’s temptation power, now comes the consequence. But first, Jessica warns the house that she has the power to keep her and Cody safe for a few weeks. Bold move, but if Paul doesn’t waste his HOH on her and Cody, he’ll nominate her allies instead. Saving the power for next week at the expense of one of her already limited numbers can do more harm than good.

The consequence? Temptation competitions. For the next three weeks before nominations, they will be tempted to participate in competitions. The winner will be safe for the week. The loser will be a third nominee.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 14

The entire house set out on a mission to prevent Jessica and Cody from winning HOH in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 13. So it came as no surprise that Jessica won. She then proceeded to nominate Josh for being obnoxious and Ramses as what she called a pawn. I don’t think either of those furthers her cause, but I guess she can only fight one battle at a time.

Jessica acknowledges she’s going after floaters this week in attempt to rebuild alliances. There’s a problem with that. They hate you. The odds seem better of establishing something with an alternate group, although the alternate group isn’t any more impressed.

Somewhat realizing that this could blow up in her face, Jessica asks whether Josh is going home. Now you ask that? That’s a question you ask before nominations, not after. Paul won’t even give her a straight answer.

Paul insists that Josh will never, ever, ever go against his side, whatever that is. Have you been paying attention? Josh could turn on anyone at the drop of a hat with over the top reactions. I don’t think he is very dangerous, but he is very unpredictable.

Jessica selects Cody to participate in the veto competition as houseguest’s choice. Josh chooses Jason at random. Ramses picks Christmas. The only hope for Josh is that Christmas can actually play and that she can be swayed by Paul.

The veto competition requires them to mix drinks by reviewing a list of items in a sequence and following the instructions such as pour the middle ingredient. Christmas is eliminated in the first round. Jason, Ramses, and Josh are eliminated next, leaving only Jessica and Cody and pretty much ending the competition. Jessica beats Cody to win the power of veto.

That’s a good thing because she controls her own fate, but her initial nominations were pretty poor and are in need of review. She really doesn’t think she needs to use it, but she’ll just ask everybody about the vote. All they need to do is lie convincingly. Her first conversation is with Raven, who acts very strangely. She’s starting to realize that they could easily screw her over by not doing what she wants, which they have no reason to do. Cody advises her what he would do. We saw how well what he would do worked when he was HOH.

Her proposed alternative is to nominate Alex, not one of her former allies who she doesn’t trust and are making her question her decisions. Granted, she shouldn’t trust Alex either.

Based on Paul’s advice, Josh is pretending like he is defeated and thinks he’s going home. This should be another red flag. It’s too easy and too soon for him to be behaving like this. From what we have seen this season, this is so far out of character for him that it would be dumb to believe it.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

This will not end well. I don’t think it was going to end well regardless. Yet another wasted HOH. The only particularly successful HOH was when they all united to take out Cody, who then returned the following week anyway.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 13

Cody won his way back into the house in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 12 by winning the battle back competitions.

10 minutes before the live eviction, Josh informed Jessica in front of the whole house that she is his target. Why does this guy keep doing this nonsense? He can’t drop anything. Just keep digging without provocation.

In addition to Josh, Jessica informs Cody that Paul, Christmas, and Alex are her targets, but otherwise she has repaired the relationships. I don’t think it’s quite that easy.

The HOH competition requires them to hold up a disc with a long tube. Kevin begins to explain his strategy, but before he can finish, his disc falls after 17 seconds. Mark is right behind him. Paul also falls in under a minute.

Each person that drops can pick a person to punish with various distractions, and there is no rule saying they can’t all punish one person, Cody. Jason falls after 2 minutes. He has a different strategy than the first three, punishing Jessica instead. Elena has not talked for 4 whole minutes and can’t take it anymore, returning to punish Cody. Matt is next. Raven drops at 17 minutes as the times start to get a little more respectable. Josh follows at 38 minutes, and after giving his punishment to Jessica, he proceeds to yell insults at Cody, which for some reason everybody finds hilarious. It’s not.

Cody finally drops at 1 hour and 24 minutes. He punishes Ramses, the most surprising person still left standing. Ramses drops after 1 hour and 49 minutes. Standing on one leg, Christmas has managed to outperform just about everybody else, but she drops at 2 hours and 52 minutes. Jessica wins HOH.

When the last four were standing, Jessica and Cody offered to keep Christmas safe. She did not accept the deal or counter with one of her own because she didn’t want to lie, but Jessica says she will honor it.

She further tries to establish support from Matt and Raven. Did she not see them on the bench dying laughing while Josh was berating them? Mark and Elena also play nice, but Mark is someone they will not trust.

Josh is an obvious nomination, but he’s not a threat, no matter how obnoxious he is. The other obvious nomination is Paul, who has demonstrated that he can be a threat, but he has a lot of support and probably wouldn’t go even though he should.


Ramses is the pawn, not the best idea when you only have one guaranteed vote, no matter how non-threatning Ramses may be.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 12

Dominique became the fourth person evicted in Big Brother 19 Episode 11, completing the cast for tonight and joining Cameron, Jillian, and Cody for the chance to battle back into the house. If this is all about who can win competitions, Cody has been given such lopsided odds and could not have asked for a better group to compete against, but Julie suggested it won’t be quite so simple. If it’s a popularity contest, I still have to go with Cody between these four choices because people seem to be warming to him and Jessica despite his awful start.

As it turns out, it is still a matter of winning competitions, but with a twist. All of them will compete in the first competition, the two winners will move to the second competition, and then the house will vote someone to compete in the final challenge and try to defend the winner of that from entering. Still heavily favors Cody, but he could have a worthwhile challenger coming his way.

The first competition is a maze race. They must maneuver their ball through a maze using a rope and pulley system. Hard to say who could have an advantage in such a challenge, and even if they get almost to the end, one slip could cost them the game. I would have to give it to the guys if only because neither of the girls is much of a challenge threat, not that Cameron is either as we saw when he got eliminated on night one. As Jillian is the first to drop and then drops again, it’s becoming apparent she is not going to win. Cody is the first person to finish. Cameron was the second person to drop, but Dominique has been going so slow and steady that it doesn’t seem like she will ever finish. Cameron places second.

The next competition will have them catapulting balls at a billboard to knock out panels. This one again should be very easy for Cody when you consider it’s a game of shooting mixed with a bit of running, but Cameron is doing surprisingly well and is in the lead from the beginning. With Cameron ahead 6-3 and then 7-4, Cody finally figures out the technique. After a strong run, Cody grabs the lead 8-7, and ultimately Cameron never scores again. Cody wins and is the last evictee standing.

The next challenge against the houseguests’ choice will be a repeat of one of these two but modified. Even with those modifications, I don’t see how Cody can lose. He will be up against a stronger competitor, but he gets to pick the challenge, both of which he has already practiced and won. He chooses the maze, which will be replaced with a different maze, but still the same technique is what will win, something that requires time to learn unless you have already learned it.

Mark is angry because he fears that someone is going to come back who he turned his back on, but Jessica assures him he’ll be fine if it’s Cody. Cody said he will listen to Jessica more if he returns, and unless he wants to end up right back out the door, he needs to listen to someone. Still, other than Jessica, I don’t think anyone really wants any of these people to return.

They don’t have much time to discuss strategy before the vote, but they clearly have enough time to come to a consensus while Julie’s talking since she does not prohibit discussion.

Everybody votes for Paul. Not the best choice if they are looking for the strongest challenger, but he is a middle of the road competitor they can all agree on. He has no chance of winning, though to be fair I don’t think anyone does.

It wasn’t even close the first time Cody won this, and now he has the advantage of practice. Paul’s only hope is that he learns fast and Cody makes a mistake. Paul makes a competent effort, but Cody wins easily and is back in the house.

Jessica is alone in her excitement, immediately jumping into his arms, and also providing a warning to not do anything crazy until they can discuss what has happened.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 11

Jason won the power of veto in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 10, but despite his initial gut reaction and Paul’s belief that he is a mastermind, he ended up leaving the nominations the same because the HOH did not want to play along with the concept of a safe but still expendable pawn. Leaving Jessica on the block the week after her showmance went home seems a little dumb if she is not the target, but Dominique apparently does not have a plan or a desire for self preservation.

Dominique continues to go off on her allies, and it doesn’t make any sense. For her part, Jessica is at least making an effort to repair the relationships she broke, which people keep making clear they do not have an interest in.

The boys are doing what would typically be an innocent activity. They are playing pool. Except Josh is involved. Shouting match ensues. Normally even if things got a little out of control, it would end there, but this is Josh. He wants nothing to do with Mark ever again. Then he dares anybody else with something to say to speak up. What’s Jessica got left to lose? She’ll poke the bear.

They are at least aware that you can only do one twist a week for so long before you have to get rid of it and just let the game play out normally, so this will be the final den of temptation. Jessica has been tempted with the halting hex. I’m surprised she ranks high enough to get the votes considering the game she has played, but she is a lone wolf whose use of this temptation would easily throw a wrench into Alex’s questionable nominations and subsequent refusal to listen to those surrounding her.

This power allows Jessica to halt any of the next four live evictions. There may be some benefit to saving it, but she’s still at risk this week no matter how off the tracks Dominique has gone. It may be better to just save it in what seems like a slam dunk week because if she survives this, she’s still rather high on the list of future nominations where she may not be up against such a favorable opponent.

Jessica opts not to use her power this week. A little risky, but I think it’s the right move. She’ll have more chances to use it, and little does she know there’s a very good chance Cody will return.

Josh: Dominique
Kevin: Dominique
Mark: Dominique
Christmas: Dominique
Jason: Dominque
Raven: Dominque
Matt: Dominique
Elena: Dominique
Paul: Dominique
Ramses: Dominique

By a vote of 10-0, Dominique has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Cody may have started her down this path by going down swinging, but Dominique ensured the result by wrongly and repeatedly attacking her own team when really she was only right about Paul. She promises to keep her mouth shut if she returns.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 10

Alex won HOH and seemed to become Paul’s puppet in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 9, nominating Jessica and Dominique, though regardless there is some sense to her choices.

Dominique knows that Paul is involved but blames Elena as well when in reality Elena wanted to keep her (and everybody else in the house) safe. She later confirms with God that Paul is the problem.

Alex chooses Kevin at random to play in the veto competition. Dominique selects Christmas. Jessica picks Jason as houseguest’s choice.

Kevin’s kind of irrelevant. Christmas may be as well with a bum leg. Jason could be a threat to win, and the key thing about that is this choice Alex considers him her ride or die. This should be a hint to her. She probably will never like Jessica, but taking her out would be a potential number gone. Kevin and Jason further emphasize that and make it very clear that they should remove Jessica from the block if they win because she is a target no matter what the plan is.

Christmas is unable to participate in the veto competition. They will be required to walk back and forth a suspended beam 50 times in a row without falling. We know Kevin won’t win, but otherwise, a balance competition is hard to call. Knowing he has no chance, Kevin eventually takes the temptation, which is just a troll prize of $27.

Otherwise, it could potentially be anyone’s game since all it takes is one slip to go back to 0, but Jason and Alex are looking pretty strong with Jason running just a step ahead of Alex. This is critical for them because they both have completely different plans. Jason wants certainty while Alex wants to try to appease the side of the house she’s working against. Jason wins the power of veto.

Paul doesn’t like Alex’s nominations either. He wants Jessica removed, too. I’m not sure to what extent he’s really her puppet master, but he isn’t leaving her with much choice as yet another voice saying the nominations need to change.

Mark is warned that he is going up as a pawn. He very strongly yet very poorly objects.

Dominique’s only hope is to warn Jason that Paul is a snake or at least indicate that someone is a snake. Could be a man, could be a woman, could be an actual snake for all I can tell from this conversation.

Continuing to talk in riddles, Dominique eventually tells Alex that Paul is the snake, sort of, and calls a house meeting to discuss/argue.

For all of Paul’s manipulation, Jason has no interest in his plan. He wants to either keep things the same or nominate the person he considers more safe, Raven, because unlike Mark she would not be considered a threat. The problem is convincing Alex of that because if Jessica comes off the block, Alex wants to follow Paul’s plan, not Jason’s.

Dominique doesn’t end things there. At the veto ceremony, she calls Paul a snake again, which he embraces, but she also calls her apparently now former allies his minions, specifically Elena.

Veto Ceremony
Veto is not used.

Perhaps not the brightest move, but Dominique is working overtime at sinking herself, so maybe they can just sit back and watch her self destruct.

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Big Brother Season 19 Episode 9

Cody predictably got voted out of the house in Big Brother Season 19 Episode 8 after playing one of the worst first weeks ever.

Elena says that she or her side of the house win HOH this week so that they can go after Jessica. I don’t think these people know how sides work.

Paul orchestrated the out of left field votes for Ramses for the sake of creating chaos, but I would hope nobody is dumb enough to fall for something so obvious. Clearly, there was only one person who continued to support Cody until the bitter end.

Josh is the first one to fall in the HOH competition after 21 minutes. Mark is next 7 minutes later. Raven drops at 45 minutes. Ramses lasts just over an hour. Kevin is right behind him. Matt is next. Jessica falls at 86 minutes, and Dominique makes it obvious that that’s all she was waiting for. The three who remain on the wall agree to keep each other safe. Jason drops. Not content with this deal, Elena asks for protection not just for herself but for everybody she wants to be kept safe. Oh, another one of these ridiculous keep half house safe deals. Elena jumps. Alex wins HOH.

Jessica would be the easy target, but she’s completely alone because her mouth and her showmance sunk her with everybody.

Who does Elena want to keep safe? Herself, Raven, Matt, Mark, Dominique, and Paul. These people don’t get the concept of a logical deal. You can’t ask for that many people to not be nominated and expect it to actually happen. Maybe if you ask for yourself and Mark, that would be reasonable.

Christmas returns from surgery. She will need at least 6 weeks in a cast but will eventually need another surgery.

Dominique suspects that she and Mark are potential targets. She is correct about that, but she is incorrect that those warnings are coming from Elena. This all started when Cody told Christmas and Paul that those were the two people who knew about his nominations. Though Christmas has been out of the house, Paul has been working hard on pretending to be in an alliance with Alex.


This nomination goes against Elena’s absurd deal, but it can easily be explained away.

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