Grey’s Anatomy, Season 4, Episode 9: Crash into Me (1)

This week, Grey’s Anatomy is all about intense patient care and doctors’ work. The episode starts when Cristina dances crazily in Meredith’s room, as Mer whines about how screwed up her relationship is with a man who’s dating other people. Cristina doesn’t want to hear anything about it since she brought it on herself, so she just asked Mer to dance with her.

In the meantime, Izzie and George is still having problems as George is sleeping on the floor eventhough the two resolved the state of their relationship. Izzie is also complaining about how she’s sick of Cristina and Mer’s love affair with each other and admits to George that she is jealous the two because she and George aren’t as happy as they used to be. Meanwhile, Lexie is trying to be angry with Alex, but he doesn’t care a bit. Although she says she’s not speaking to him, Alex just makes out with her to keep her quiet.

For the first time in Grey’s Anatomy history, Bailey is seen at home having an argument with her husband about her busy schedule. Bailey tells her husband to come down to the hospital during lunch so they could talk about their problems. On the other hand, Mer and Derek is sharing the love and apparently had sex at the on-call room. However, Mer was unable to tell him that she doesn’t want him seeing other people. Derek hits on Rose and focuses all his charm on her throughout the episode.

This week’s patients include Seth Green, who has a tumor. Sloan removed it but the surgery left his artery sensitive, making it vulnerable to bursting at any minute. Another patient is a man with a chest infection that is rushed through the ambulance two weeks after a successful heart surgery. Just as the man is wheeled inside, another ambulance comes out of nowhere when the driver had a seizure, crashing into the first ambulance. The man with a chest infection gets his leg stuck, while two paramedics are hit and trapped inside the upside down ambulance. One of them, named Shane, has internal injuries but refuses to get treated by Bailey and requests for a guy doctor.

Bailey asks the chief to treat Shane, but he doesn’t want him to touch him either. Bailey then figures out that the guy doesn’t want anything to do with black people, so she grabbed Cristina and (even if she isn’t white) Shane eventually agreed on examining his injuries. When Shane removes his shirt, a huge swastika tattoo shocked Cristina (because even if she isn’t black or white, she is Jewish and gets offended.

Seth Green is amused with Lexie, but becomes disappointed when she tells him that she’s seeing someone who acts like a jerk, but is truly a nice guy (referring to Alex). However, he doesn’t lose hope and it just seems that his perseverance may pay off. On the other hand, Ava is back and watches him while on surgery.

What will happen to the driver who had a seizure? Did Cristina eventually treat the Nazi Shane? What happens to Lexie and Alex and Ava? What happens to Seth Green? Who will live and who will die?

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